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Glorious Summoner Chapter 150

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The Capital Bay Area of ​​Great Yan Country is located on the west coast of Beiguangzhou. It is the world’s largest bay area and the most economically developed place in the world.

Xia Pingan and Yan Duo took a military plane, spanning thousands of kilometers. After several hours of flying, on the evening of March 6th, the plane arrived at the heart of the capital city of Great Yan Country. Bay area.

The 54 people who participated in the "Sky Patching Project" from the Great Yan Country this time must all gather in the Capital Bay Area, and then travel by sea to the Antarctic base.

I heard from the old man that Xia Ning also came to the Capital Bay Area and happened to meet Xia Pingan and bid farewell.

Sitting on the plane, looking from the air, many places in the Capital Bay Area of ​​the Great Yan Country are already powered up, and the lights are brilliant. If you don’t pay attention to it, it’s hard to think of it as a A city that has just struggled to restore order from a huge disaster.

When the plane landed, Xia Pingan could also see several aircraft carriers staying in the bay area military port.

If there are Chinese who come to this World like themselves, watching San Francisco once on Earth become the capital of the Great Yan Country, I don’t know how it will feel.

Looking at the magnificent Bay Area Bridge under the plane, Xia Pingan’s head can’t help but think of the Golden Gate Bridge, which was destroyed over and over again in Hollywood movies. It's a bit similar, they are all kind of cable-stayed bridges.

This guy Yan Duo was exhausted a few days ago. After regaining Gwangju, he led a team to clean up the monsters in the wild. He didn't close his eyes for a few days. After getting on the plane, he stayed closed for most of the time. He slept with his eyes until the plane landed at a military airport and stopped, he opened his eyes, rubbed his face, got up from the seat, "are you there?"

"Two chiefs, the capital The Sky Phoenix Air Force Base in the Bay Area has arrived!" The crew came to the two of them, said something, and opened the door of the cabin.

Xia Pingan nodded, "Thank you!", then turned around and walked towards the hatch.

Yan Duo also stood up and walked off the plane with Xia Pingan.

The crew on the plane stood at the door and saluted, watching the two leave.

Outside the plane, there were already two black military off-road vehicles parked. Two major officers, one man and one woman, were waiting next to the car. Seeing the two people came down, the two officers came up and gave them to them. A salute and an introduction to the two of them.

The female officer is called Liu Li, and the male officer is called Tian Sicheng. The military management committee of the city sent them to take care of the two.

Yan Duo got into Tian Siche

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