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Glorious Summoner Chapter 156

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"This is the Antarctic base..." Xia Pingan came up from the exit of the submarine, looked at the huge dome above her head, and couldn't help but sigh in the heart, it's so big.

This base is completely built in the hinterland of a mountain in Antarctica.

The two nuclear submarines that sent Xia Pingan they came here were quietly parked in the submarine pier in the belly of the mountain. Only submarines can come up from the pier at this pier. There are no entrances and exits at all. The submarines on the pier. The berths are lined up at a time and are more than 500 meters long. You can see it by counting them. Eight nuclear submarines can be docked here at once.

Above the pier, is a huge semicircular dome, and gentle artificial daylight sprinkles from the dome, making the whole port feel like daytime.

On the opposite side of the port, there are four big characters "Mending the Sky Base" made of steel.

On the edge of the port stood two rows of soldiers wearing snow camouflage with loaded guns and live ammunition.

A soldier in the uniform of an admiral, about 60 years old, stood like a javelin on the dock, welcoming Xia Pingan and the others.

54 summoners from the Great Yan Country who participated in the "Sky Patching Project" stepped down from the submarine, and then stood in front of the general.

"Welcome everyone to the sky patching base, I am Chief-In-Charge Zhang Yuzhong of the sky patching base!" The general said calmly and cut into the subject neatly, "I'll talk about the next Arrange, in a moment, I will take you to visit the Mending Base. After the tour, each of you will be allocated a room. Tonight, Mending Base will hold a welcome dinner for you. You can relax at the base today. Now, starting from tomorrow, before entering the alien world, you need to study in the base for two days to learn about the alien world. Three days later, 54 of you will be divided into two batches to enter the alien world through Space Crack, and the official start Do you have any questions about your mission?"

Jiang Duoer said, "Will the other 54 people from the East enter the other world with us?"

" They will arrive at the patching base in ten days and will enter in batches behind you!"

"If you enter in batches, how can we identify our comrades and the first few batches of personnel who entered there? ?" Another summoner asked.

"All those who participate in the Sky Patching Project will have a set of methods and codes for identifying connections after entering the alien world. These contents will be arranged for you to learn in the course of two days later!"

Hearing this, Xia Pingan secretly nodded, the arrangement of the sky patching plan is really thoughtful, and almost as he expected, they are the fifth batch of members participating in the sky patching plan. After entering the

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