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Glorious Summoner Chapter 155

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"Everyone is divided into two teams. Those who live in single-numbered cabins go to the left, and those who live in double-numbered cabins go to the right. There are 27 people in each team and a submarine..." The officers shouted loudly on the deck, directing Xia Pingan to leave the ship.

The cruiser stopped on the surface, the other two destroyers and the supply ship also stopped, and the two nuclear submarines that had not been seen before also got out of the water.

After a long voyage, through extreme weather, and after a few days of voyage, the fleet finally arrived at the southernmost Sea Territory of Nanguangzhou, which is already close to the Antarctic Circle.

The sea is calm and tranquil, and there is a thin layer of mist on the surrounding pictures. Through that layer of mist, you can already see some large and small ice blocks floating in the distant sea.

The ships on the water could no longer move forward, Xia Pingan and the others began to transfer to nuclear submarines to enter the Antarctic Circle.

No one knows where the base is in Antarctica. The only thing they know about Xia Pingan is that they can only enter the base by submarine. The base seems to be under the ice.

Before, the reason why everyone took the surface warship was because the space inside the nuclear submarine was limited and could not provide a comfortable living environment, so the fleet only changed transportation when it arrived here.

People living in different cabins disembarked from both sides of the cruiser, and then took the boats piloted by the sailors and waited on the two Big Black Fish not far away.

"Third Brother, long time no see, are you accustomed to boating?" Yan Duo saw the witchcraft style again, and smiled and joked with the witchcraft style.

Wu Zhanfeng's face was stinky, he just snorted through his nostrils, and got off the boat from the other side.

Not being with Xia Pingan and Yan Duo points together, it seems that the witch warfare has relaxed a lot.

Here Xia Pingan and Yan Duo got off the boat and boarded a small boat, which drove more than a hundred meters on the sea and came to the side of a Big Black Fish , The sailors on the boat threw out the ropes and were caught by the sailors on the Big Black Fish, pulled the boat over, and then lowered the ladder from the boat. The people on the boat climbed up the submarine along the ladder.

Each boat can take twelve people, and three boats send Xia Pingan and the others to this Big Black Fish at a time.

The captain and several officers on the nuclear submarine lined up on the boat to welcome Xia Pingan and their arrival, and salute and shake hands with every summoner on the boat.

Xia Pingan The captain of their boat is a fifty-year-old navy colonel with a beard and bright eyes.

"Hello everyone, I’m Lin

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