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Glorious Summoner Chapter 152

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"Fortunately, you can figure it out. If you hang up during the process of fusing the world beads, where can you find someone temporarily?" Xia Pingan glanced at Yan Duo, said with a smile .

This guy Yan Duo has an ability. Just chat with him a few words to make people feel cheerful.

"You can get some risk-free divine force world beads for everyone!" Yan Duo spreads out, "Even if there are ten per person, it is only five or six hundred. In terms of, what is this world bead!"

"This world bead is really nothing, but we should go there in the future, it should be better to get it, and the world bead here will be in the next eighteen years It will become more and more precious and rarer!” The steel guardrail next to Xia Pingan patted pointed to the cannon on the cruiser that had taken off its gun coat and the two destroyers in the distance. In battle, these weapons and battleship submarines are displayed. If something unexpected happens during the process of fusing the world beads, wouldn't it be waiting for death?"

Yan Duo also reacted with a look. Moved, "You mean... Devil's Eye?"

"If there is no danger along the way, why use such a large force, any icebreaker can take us to the South Pole!"

Yan Duo rubbed his face, "That said, it does make sense, and it seems that you have to start the spirit along the way!"

"In short, don't be careless!"


"By the way, have you heard the gossip about the capital area?" Yan Duo's expression became serious, and he squinted.

"What's the gossip?"

"Before the last catastrophe, someone in the capital was concealing the devil’s eye, secretly collecting and smuggling nuclear fuel, kidnapping nuclear physics scientists for intelligence clues "

"Hidden intentionally?" Xia Pingan suddenly remembered the words Man Zijin had said to him, frowning, "Why conceal it deliberately?"

"It's very simple. Demon Eyes obtain nuclear fuel and kidnap nuclear physicists. The most likely use is to engage in terrorist activities or create demons. For some politicians, what the Demon Eye does is not important. What is important is If this news goes out, in order to deal with the threat posed by the Demon’s Eye, the power of the Order Committee and the summoners will definitely expand.

Because only the summoner can deal with the Demon’s Eye, some people don’t want to see the summoner and the summoner. The influence and power of the Order Committee increased, and then the matter was dealt with coldly. The old man and Li Chongyang were both summoners. Why they were able to rise to power this time was also the result of the power struggle in the capital circle. Some of the previous suppression and restriction of summoners were suppressed. People and certain factions were thoroughly purged, and the summoner reached a compromise with the military, so this is the result

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