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Glorious Summoner Chapter 144

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"Who is it, stand still..."

At the entrance of the valley at the Yunwan Mountain base, when Xia Pingan and Yan Duo appeared outside the valley entrance At the time, there was more than a hundred meters from the entrance, and the soldiers of 87 Legion guarding the entrance of the valley immediately shouted with a loudspeaker.

The sound of the big horn echoes between the surrounding sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces. With this sound, in the surrounding positions, it is faintly visible that many people have aimed their guns at Xia Pingan and Yan Duo. Two people.

"Are the people here very vigilant!" Yan Duo laughed and muttered.

The two said yesterday that they would return to the Yunwan Mountain base. At noon today, the two had already appeared outside the base.

As for food, Xia Pingan had already swept the war preparation granary in Xinchuan two weeks ago and obtained more than 50,000 tons of food.

The two were wearing snow camouflage uniforms, and they also wore cold-proof hats on their heads, covering the small half of their faces, so the soldiers stationed at the entrance did not recognize Xia Pingan.

"It's me!" Xia Pingan said calmly, taking off his hat and revealing her face.

"Ah, it's the priest Xia, the priest Xia is back..."

"The priest Xia is back..."

"Quickly open the entrance..."

The soldiers stationed at the entrance of the valley screamed with joy. As black smoke from the bulldozers, the two bulldozers that closed the entrance to the valley opened.

As soon as Xia Pingan came back, the news spread within the base in an instant, especially Xia Pingan also took out a lot of food in public. During this period of time, the dark clouds shrouded the entire Yunwan Mountain base. All of a sudden, it dissipated completely, was swept away, and the atmosphere in the base began to rise.

Because these days the snow has gradually melted and the temperature has risen a bit, there are already traces of the activities of magic rats and a small number of demon wolves in the wild, and they have been with many summoners two days ago. I took the special forces out to "hunting", and I haven't come back yet.

Xia Pingan, who just came back, had no time to drink hot water. Guo Wei and a large group of officers from the base came. Guo Wei put a radio in front of Xia Pingan and Yan Duo. , Turned on the radio, and tuned the radio to a certain band. A large group of people, in Xia Pingan's room at the barracks, waited quietly with bated breath.

"What is this?" Xia Pingan asked.

Guo Wei looked at his watch, "If you don’t come back, we will send someone to Xinchuan to find you. There is news from the Capital Bay Area. Wait two minutes. Got it..."

Hearing news from the Capital Bay Area where there had been no news for a few months, Xia Pingan immediately refresh

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