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Glorious Summoner Chapter 145

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A group of officers in the room looked at Xia Pingan.

Unconsciously, although Xia Pingan did not grasp the power, it has become the soul of the base.

Xia Pingan and Yan Duo looked at each other.

The announcement made by the new president of the Great Flame Republic on the radio is amazed by both people-how can this president be so sure of the permanence in all parts of the world in the next few days All Space Cracks will disappear, and in the next eighteen years, will there be any level of space invasion on this planet?

In this case, this kind of judgment cannot be made by opening your mouth. If Space Cracks in some places in the next few days do not disappear, or there are still space invasions in the next 18 years, Mr. President can He must be in order to what he just said.

A person who has just stepped onto the stage, without full confidence, would never dare to say that.

Yan Duo was slightly frowned, and after thinking about it, he said, "Li Chongyang was the chairman of the Order Committee before. He has been very low-key until many people don’t know that he is a powerful summoner. Now there is a summoner president, which is interesting!"

"Anyway, if the order in the Capital Bay Area can be restored, this is definitely a good thing. This broadcast is very timely and worthy of the effect. Ten Legion..." Xia Pingan also said.

"Just now the radio said that the permanent Space Cracks everywhere will disappear. I wonder if the one in Xinchuan City is still there?" Guo Wei asked all the officers the most concerned topic.

"The permanent Space Crack in downtown Xinchuan has disappeared, I saw it with my own eyes!" Xia Pingan replied.

A group of officers glanced at each other, and the expressions in their eyes were lifted up.

"We have actually been in contact with Xianghe these days. The situation in Xianghe City is improving. The Subduing Demon Guard stationed in Xianghe City has assembled a force of more than 2,000 people. , Completely controlled the outskirts of Xianghe City, the monsters in Xianghe City have been compressed into several areas in the city..." Colonel Wang Cheng said.

"What is your opinion?" Xia Pingan asked.

"After a few months of pent-up frustration, I have been holding back here for a few months, and the brothers want to move!"

"Yes, these days, brothers Everyone knows about the broadcast. Everyone is very excited. They are gearing up one by one, thinking about fighting fiercely with those monsters again, and avenging the sacrificed brothers!"

"Except for the troops, the base The militia team is also eager to fight and want to move around!"

Several officers said.

"Then move!" Xia Pingan's eyes sharpened all of a sudden, and he said categorically, "You are ready, I will take you to Xianghe, with the troops assembled in Xianghe an

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