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Glorious Summoner Chapter 143

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Looking down from the air, the scene of Yan Duo's surprise was quite spectacular.

Yan Duo only spent two hours in the southwestern suburbs of Xinchuan, and a large number of demon wolves arrived.

Same as the previous few times, Yan Duo blasted a few individual cloud bombs against the demon wolf rushing, and after killing dozens of demon wolf warriors, he seized the opportunity again. Cut off the heads of two demon wolf warrior and a demon wolf mage, and hung the bloody heads of the demon wolf warrior and demon wolf mage on his waist, and fluttered around in the suburbs for half a circle. Demon wolf is crazy.

Almost all of the nearby demon wolves were attracted by Yan Duo, there were a total of seven or eight hundred.

Then Yan Duo began to run for his life.

But even when escaping for his life, Yan Duo didn’t ride Juechen. Instead, he ran where the demon wolf could see it, and stayed three to five hundred meters away from the demon wolf. In the distance, every time he ran for a certain distance, he stopped, turned around, and took out a single cloud bomb in his hand, and sent a shot to the demon wolves who were chasing behind him.

After doing this a few times, the demon wolf who was chasing Yan Duo began to be mad and angry, and his eyes were red, like congestion.

The Icicle of the demon wolf mage, black mist, moved towards like raindrops and shoots over.

Yan Duo set up a water shield behind him, and then ran like a cheetah in the snow-melting mountains, constantly dodge the attacks behind him, and laughed from time to time. The sound continued to provoke the chasing soldiers behind him.

"Rubbish, I want to hurt me just this way..."

"I will wear wolf fur coats, make leather shoes and leather pants from wolf fur, and eat wolf meat. , Drink wolf blood, you can eat Lao Tzu’s fart..."

The demon wolf yells at ao ao ao, the wisdom of the demon wolf mage is higher, and he can understand Yan Duo’s words, so he is more anger.

In this chase, more than two hours later, Yan Duo finally took the chasers behind him to the valley where Xia Pingan laid the Killing Formation.

I have to say that those demon wolves really have the same tenacity and physical strength as a wolf. When biting their prey, those demon wolves bit Yan Duo hard, like a plaster. Do not take off.

Xia Pingan lies in ambush here, hidden in a pit in the forest near the entrance of the valley, holding a detonator in his hand, and staring at the mountain within the valley with remote vision.

The demon wolves rushed into the valley and had entered the ambush position. Yan Duo, who was running in front, suddenly accelerated, suddenly distanced himself from the demon wolves, and jumped into it. In the valley has been prepared for a long time in a big pit where you can hide.

Xia Pingan pressed the detonato

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