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Glorious Summoner Chapter 149

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"Master, I didn't think so before!"

Xia Pingan shook the head, "I used to think that space invasion is our this world and another world A certain natural phenomenon of space intersection has occurred, but in recent months, especially after witnessing the disappearance of Space Crack, I have been thinking about the power that closes Space Crack, that big tree. , What exactly is that silhouette? The Holy Prosperity mentioned by Devil’s Eye before, is it the power that the old man said in your mouth? In this universe, are there always two completely different powers fighting against each other? The power, is it the gods and demons that the old man you said..."

"I can tell you now, yes!" The old man said calmly, his frankness surprised Xia Pingan, "this It was originally a secret passed down by Subduing Demon Guard since ancient times. Now, you are qualified to know. The so-called gods and demons are our definition of those two forces. We don’t know what is behind those two forces. But what is certain is that those are two super-wills that can influence and dominate everything. One power will bring darkness, terror and pain, and the other power will be the opposite."

"Subduing Demon Guard has known about it a long time ago?"

"Yes, our ancestors felt the existence of those two forces a long time ago, just to avoid causing public panic and undermining the authority of the government. We have been silent about the existence of the power, and the media has not reported it."

"Before that, Chairman Li Chongyang said in the announcement that the permanent Space Cracks in all parts of the world will disappear, and in the future In 18 years, there will not be any level of space invasion on this planet. Is this another super will that closed Space Crack to convey to us this World?"

"Yes Father nodded, "In our awakened this World, there has always been a very special and rare group that can awaken an extraordinary ability, and their awakened ability allows them to perceive the information of that super will. And to convey that message to us, this kind of awakening ability has different names in different countries and nations. Some are called Oracles, some are called Prophet or Saint. They have been there since ancient times, when the Subduing Demon Guard was created. The sages are awakened with this ability, and Chairman Li Chongyang has awakened this ability Oracles, there are such people in other countries, and China also has them. The information that Oracles perceive and contact can be mutually confirmed. "

Xia Pingan was shocked. He didn't expect that there were people who could awaken such abilities. "Then before the Holy Prophet and Heavenly Tribulation, didn't these Oracles receive the news?" "

The old man sighed, "The two super-wills against the entangled world are too unfathomable and changeable. I

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