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Glorious Summoner Chapter 142

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After Yan Duo talked about his experience during this period, he asked about Xia Pingan's experience. Xia Pingan also told him what happened in Xinchuan and Yizhou during this period. , I also stated my purpose of coming to Xinchuan this time.

"The food shortage will not only happen in Xinchuan and Yizhou. The longer the time is, the greater the harm caused by the food shortage will be. People on it will not fail to see it. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of the permanent This time window when the Space Crack disappeared will restore the order in various places and wipe out the monsters.” Yan Duo touched the chin said.

"You come back from outside Yizhou, are the permanent Space Cracks outside the province disappearing?" Xia Pingan asked.

"Yes!" Yan Duo nodded, with a serious expression, "I have seen two permanent Space Crack disappearing scenes before. It is really shocking. In this world, maybe there is Spiritual God and a will beyond our imagination exist, otherwise the golden light tree shadows and silhouettes that appeared in the disappeared Space Cracks are completely unexplainable, then impossible is a natural phenomenon."

"Yes, it is the same. Compared to this mysterious universe, our current strength is still too small..." Thinking of the scene when the Space Crack disappeared, Xia Pingan still felt shocked at this moment.

If there is an extraordinary will that closes the crack of space invasion, does it also mean that all previous space invasions also come from another extraordinary will?

Xia Pingan suddenly remembered the Demon God worshipped by the members of Demon Eye. He used to think that the so-called Demon God should be a Totem idol worshipped by Demon Eye or a certain ideal and belief. Incarnation.

However, after seeing the closed scene of Space Crack with his own eyes, Xia Pingan's idea has been shaken.

The monsters came to this World, but the monsters were also planted with world beads, which gave the people of this World the power to resist them.

The ruler of Demon God brought space invasion, and another extraordinary power comparable to the ruler of Demon God is preventing the space invasion. The two sides are entangled and contested. The so-called space invasion is the gods and demons. The continuation of the war in this World?

This conclusion is absurd, but it is an explanation that Xia Pingan can deduce to fit all logic.

"Don’t sigh, this is a good thing. Maybe if we hold on for a few more days, the situation in Dayan will change. Once Space Crack is gone, summoners will slow down again. Those invasions The monsters won’t last long. On the way back, I saw summoners in some places have reorganized with the troops and started to encircle those monsters!"

"So fast?"

"Some summoner families have stocked a lot of rune bullets before. The

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