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Glorious Summoner Chapter 148

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With the arrival of the old man, the entire Xianghe City was like a clockwork machine, and began to rapidly revolve around the battle to recover Xinchuan.

The returning soldiers of 87 Legion who were disbanded before began to reorganize into the new 87 Legion army, and the number of the new army soon exceeded 10,000.

Yizhou Subduing Demon Guard is also formed again.

The newly formed new army and Subduing Demon Guard began to mix together.

The so-called mixed composition is also the most effective combat method for destroying monsters by Xia Pingan and the summoner and the troops that they have summarized in practice.

Generally speaking, a battle squad consisting of two to three summoners and a hundred people combined together is the most effective combat organization for dealing with monsters in the streets and in the wild.

In such a hundred-man battle squad, there is a platoon of soldiers uniformly equipped with bazookas, a platoon of soldiers is equipped with grenade launchers and squad machine guns, and a platoon of soldiers is responsible for battlefield support and squad Equipped with rune bullets, the summoner and the fighters' abilities are matched with each other, and basically can completely restrain those monsters entrenched in the city.

Squad of this kind of hundred-man battle is flexible in advance and retreat. It can be separated and made. When encountering a small group of monsters, it can be annihilated alone, and when encountering a large group of monsters, it can fight together. It is efficient and convenient.

Three days after the father came to Xianghe City, a whole 118 hundred-man battle squad was formed. Then the father left Xianghe with the team and drove to Ma Tie Town, officially kicking off the battle to recover Xinchuan.

Xianghe City and the Yunwan Mountain base have been connected, and the roads in these two places have been restored and become the rear of Matie Town.

The people who had been hiding in all directions before continuously moved towards Xianghe City and Yunwan Mountain base gathered.

The old man is the commander-in-chief of the battle, and Xia Pingan is kept by him.

The identity of Xia Pingan next to the old man is still the Legion priest of 87 Legion. To a certain extent, Xia Pingan has become the old man’s assistant. Because Xia Pingan has remote vision ability, the old man likes to be close to the battlefield. Commanding the battle on the front line, Xia Pingan has become the clairvoyance of the old man's battlefield, and he can provide him with relevant battlefield information and dynamics at any time.

In addition to being clairvoyant with the old man, Xia Pingan's other responsibility is to be responsible for the production of medicine pill and rune bullets.

The fresh corpses of the monsters obtained on the battle

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