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Glorious Summoner Chapter 147

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A large group of summoners and officers stood at the Xianghe Airport, which had just cleared the runway, looking forward to them one by one.

After several consecutive days of haze, the weather is good today, and it is rare to see a clear sky.

Almost all the summoners gathered in Xianghe City have arrived, and all the school-level officers of the original 87 Legion in Xianghe City have also arrived. A total of hundreds of people have gathered here.

Xia Pingan wore a brand-new black uniform of the Legion priest of 87Legion, with the emblem of the Legion priest pinned on the uniform, standing at the forefront of the crowd, which looked quite conspicuous.

Mo Yanshao also wore a black combat uniform, full of energy.

Even the slaughter captive, who was normally inconsistent, carefully cleaned up and scratched his head again, making his bald head shine in the crowd.

Li Yunzhou, Cao Xinghua and Chen Yisheng and the others, after this change, although it was only a few months, they have also been tempered a lot. Even Li Yunzhou has become much more stable, not as good as before. Jump off.

As for An Qing, Fang Lingshan and Lu Na, each also wore a female summoner's combat uniform, one by one, valiant and formidable looking, attracting the attention of the male summoners and officers around.

"How's the situation in Xinchuan?" Mo Yanshao looked at the clouds in the sky and turned his head, chatting with Xia Pingan in a low voice.

"The guy Yan Duo was not at peace. He led a few attacks and killed a lot of demon wolf and demon rats. The situation in Xinchuan has not deteriorated. It is still under control. Those monsters are still under control. Entangled in the city, Guo Wei had already returned to the Yunwan Mountain base with a battalion of soldiers yesterday. The people of the Yunwan Mountain base have mobilized thousands of people to start repairing the highway between Xinchuan and Xianghe..."Xia Pingan replied.

The situation is developing on the bright side. After the news of Xianghe’s recovery reached the Yunwanshan base, everyone in the Yunwanshan base boiled over. The people in the base did not dare to go out before. But now, the courage of those people has also begun to grow.

The reason why the guy Yan Duo was active in killing monsters was mostly for the Jiezhu, but I have to admit that the guy's ability is indeed strong.

As the snow melted and the weather turned fine, the big spiders who had shrunk underground have started to move frequently these days. There are many monsters in Xinchuan City. This is the battle for Xianghe’s recovery. A threat.

In the past week or so, Yan Duo not only kept Ma Tie guarded to death, but also achieved a lot of victories. Just two days ago, he took a group of soldiers and engineers to use Yunwan. The anti-tank mines and explosives in

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