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Glorious Summoner Chapter 146

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Rain flew in the air, shrouding Xianghe City in a mist of rain and mist. The smell of gunpowder and explosives mixed in the rain and mist caused the smell of gunpowder and explosives. The city doesn't seem so peaceful in this early spring.

There is no thunder in the sky, but the explosion of rocket bombs from time to time in various parts of the city shakes everyone's nerves like spring thunder.

long long long ……

The roar of the tank rang in the familiar neighborhood. There was a burnt-out Volkswagen car on the street, which was directly knocked away by the tank driving into the street. , Rolled into iron flakes.

Xia Pingan stood on the turret of the tank, letting the cold rain fall on his face, squinting his eyes and looking at the familiar and unfamiliar street in front of him, with remote viewing ability. It completely covers the surrounding blocks.

At this moment, Xianghe City is a bit strange to Xia Pingan, even if he has lived in this city for many years, and is familiar with every street and every building in this city.

Those buildings that were turned into ruins in the wars and fires, and the car wrecks on the street, came into Xia Pingan's eyes from time to time.

Behind Xia Pingan, there are two battalions of fighters and hundreds of summoners.

In the other directions of the city, the others and the summoners of Subduing Demon Guard are divided into four teams, from East, West, North, and South four directions, like Like four sharp knives, they were inserted into Xianghe City, and the last monsters entrenched in Xianghe City were wiped out in Qing.

This is already the seventh day Xia Pingan has returned to Xianghe, and it is also the 3rd day to officially regain the Xianghe operation.

In these three days, hundreds of summoners gathered in Xianghe City, as well as thousands of fighters, under the command of Xia Pingan and the others, step by step, building after building. , One garage and one garage, street by street were sweeping away those monsters.

Two days ago, there were some magic fire spiders running out, but today it rained and those magic fire spiders in the city hid, and at most, only magic liquid spiders and magic rats could be seen on the street.

Because of Xia Pingan's remote viewing capabilities and prestige among the 87 Legion officers and soldiers, Xia Pingan, who brought people to Xianghe City, became one of the commanders of this recovery battle without any dispute.

Having remote viewing capabilities and being very familiar with Xianghe City, Mo Yan is also the commander of this battle to recover Xianghe. The other two commanders are summoners from Subduing Demon Guard and also have remote viewing. Ability, can control the situation of the entire battlefield.

The four teams coordinated their actions, fighting steadily, advancing ste

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