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Glorious Summoner Chapter 218

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"...The Tower of Darkness, the powerful Divine Item built with the Stone of Fear to suppress the sub-planes... In the realm of gods and demons, in the eyes of the gods, it is like It is barbs, like nails, and lighthouses in the sea of ​​the universe slowly, inserted in the universe of the subplanes, absorbing the dark energy of the subplanes endlessly. ...The dark energy, like a tide, like a fog, like a storm, is surging in the space of different levels of love, emanating from the consciousness of every creature, and then converging like a stream to the tower of darkness..."

"The beings on the secondary planes don’t know the order of their plane and world in the universe, and they don’t understand the profound mystery and meaning of life... They are like the wilderness. The wild grass in the middle is harvested by the raging fire. When the raging fire sweeps through the wilderness, sentient beings will squeeze their lives into pain, killing, sorrow, fear, greed, disappointment, panic, etc. The energy is emitted. These are harvested. The fruit is the feast of the devil..."

——"The Book of Taboos"

"... There are only two original emotions of life, love or fear, and fear is The root of all negative energy, the source of power that governs Demon God, is fear. Fear brings killing, pain, greed, and all evil..."

"God and Demon dispute, everywhere, That is the ultimate war, in every consciousness and thought of all creatures in the universe..."

——"The Controversy of Gods and Demons"

"The Demon God is in There are countless agents in the sub-planes of the world. It is a conspiracy between humans and demons. The master Demon God grants agents various abilities, power, money, eternal life... and the agents, They use their power and power to rule the world, create fear, war, oppression, exploitation, pain, and treat the fear of mortals as sacrifices...

...those mortals don’t know why the superiors Will be keen to create fear, war, pain, and disease, which are not entirely derived from the need to govern...Because that is a contract, a peaceful world, which agents hate most, because it represents their incompetence and negligence. . No one has been harvested..."

——"The Darkest Secret"

"The God of Good Fortune roared, and the whole void began to vibrate, shatter, millions and millions li's Star River broke in the wrath of the god of creation, and endless fire gushed from the god of creation... the blood of the god of creation dripped, and every drop of blood turned into a hundred giant dragons, and every giant dragon had its own Pink Star Fra gmentation Chen’s power...

...The Spiritual God who controls disease fell in the flames of the God of Creation, and the Divine Kingdom collapsed and turned into nothingness. This is the first Spiritual God to fall... …

...The body of the wind god was submerge

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