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Glorious Summoner Chapter 214

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Qi Jinggong yelled, waking up from his dream, he was sitting on the bed and panting, with a hint of horror in his eyes.

"The King..." Hearing Qi Jinggong's voice, the escort guards rushed in.

Looking at the heavy silhouette outside the tent, listening to the sound of the armor rubbing, Qi Jinggong sitting on the bed suddenly came to his senses. It turned out that he was dreaming just now. Qi Jinggong touched his forehead. , Already a cold sweat.

The scene in my dream just now was a bit scary.

"The widow is okay, when is it now..." After calming his mind, Qi Jinggong asked the attendants outside the tent.

"My lord, it's just a moment..." The attendant outside the big account replied.

"Widows have to change clothes...!" Qi Jinggong instructed.


Following Qi Jinggong's order, the waiters outside the big tent became busy, changing clothes and washing for Qi Jinggong, and after finishing all this, Qi Jinggong dressed neatly Get out of your big account.

The sky outside the big tent has just lit up, and the Qi State's continuous military tent is like a long dragon in front of Qi Jinggong. The army has regained consciousness and is preparing to bury the pot for cooking. After breakfast, On the way, the chariots and horses in the camp neighed, so mighty and majestic.

At this moment, it is summer, the sky is high and the air is clear, Qi Jinggong's army has already reached the foot of Mount Tai, and the towering Mount Tai in the distance is exceptionally magnificent at sunrise.

The scene where the Qi State army is strong and powerful made Qi Jinggong's heart settled, but last night's dream was like a cloud over Qi Jinggong's heart.

Qi Jinggong frowned. The dream state last night was too weird, and he was taken aback. At this moment, he led the army on the expedition, whether the dream state would have any bad sign.

Thinking about this, Qi Jinggong directly instructed the attendants around him, "Call Zhanmeng!"


In ancient times, Master Zhanmeng It is the person that the king will bring at any time, because all the kings and nobles believe that the dream can inspire and foretell the future.

The Huangdi dreams that the wind blows away all the dust and dirt, and the dreamer holds the crossbow to drive the sheep and the flocks. Then, according to the dream, he found the two famous ministers, Fenghou and Limu, and finally defeated Chiyou. Dominate the world. This is how the Huangdi dictated the "Accounting for Dreams".

Xibo Hou Feixiong fell into a dream, and only then did he find the wise man Jiang Shang. With Jiang Ziya, he has this week of the world.

So this dream is not a trivial matter for the kings. It is a revelation given by God and Spiritual God. Goods and bad luck are in it and must be treated seriously.

After a whil

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