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Glorious Summoner Chapter 215

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The past few days Tang Wei of Dawan Guild Hall was very low-key in Shangjing.

After gathering with a few people from the Blood Demon Religion last time, Tang Wei did not meet with the people from the Blood Demon Religion in the past few days. He just purchased some things for Tang Family in the upper capital. See Several business partners.

Just yesterday, Tang Wei was ready to leave Shangjing. He and Tang Family said that he was leaving Shangjing to visit a few friends. In fact, he had already prepared to go to the Northern Sea Port in advance. ready.

Xia Pingan is not clear about the specific task Tang Wei received, but Tang Wei's trip to the Northern Sea Port is definitely related to the conspiracy of the Blood Demon Religion.

Blood Demon Religion's plan to assassinate Dashang Country Crown Prince and Beitang Wangchuan is steadily advancing. Now on April 23, Beitang Wangchuan will go to Northern Sea Port to participate in Dashang Country Navy’s The launch ceremony of the new general has more than 20 days.

"Apart from this, did that mysterious person say anything else?" Lan fearless asked.

"That person told me that he also knew about another important figure hidden in the Blood Demon Religion in Shangjing. If we want to know the identity of that important figure, we need to take out the divine of the Five Suns. Spring, there are one hundred thousand Gold Coin in exchange!"

The divine spring of the Five Suns is more valuable than all the divine springs in the front, not to mention the 100,000 Gold Coin in the back. Blue fearless heard This condition is to browse tightly knit, slightly held breath cold air, "Why does he dare to make such a condition?"

"I asked him that too!" Xia Pingan sighed, spreading her hand, "He Said that the important figure of the Blood Demon Religion is hidden in the Guard army in the upper capital, and can enter and exit the imperial city at any time, and the identity is not low, and he has a lot of secrets of the dark War God Cult. If you want to get that person out, just follow us !"

"What, there are people from the Blood Demon Religion hidden in the Guard!" Blue fearless was startled by the news.

Whether Tang Family Elder is from the Blood Demon Religion remains to be confirmed, but if there are people from the Blood Demon Religion in the Guard Army, the situation is even more serious.

People from Blood Demon Religion infiltrated the Guard army. I don't know how many people in the imperial city can't sleep well. This is a serious matter. Hearing the news, Blue Fearless wandered around the room a little anxiously, "When you contacted that person, do you feel that he is lying to us, or have you noticed something special about him?"

Xia Pingan shook the head, "I didn’t find these. When that person came into contact with me, he could only hear the

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