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Glorious Summoner Chapter 219

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On May 15th, Dashang Country Northern Sea Port...

Today’s Northern Sea Port has very good weather. The entire Northern Sea Port has flags and flags fluttering. The jubilant people, waving the national flag of Dashang Country and the navy flag, gathered on the piers on both sides of the Northern Sea Port Shipyard and on the shore opposite the pier, waiting one by one, preparing to see Dashang Country’s latest generation of battleships and battleships. The style of the Emperor His Highness the Crown Prince.

In the dry dock of the shipyard, Dashang Country’s latest generation battleship is covered with colorful flags and ribbons, like a warrior about to go on an expedition, quietly waiting for the moment of launching.

Around the dock, powerful and powerful people gathered, and on the viewing platform, most of them were Dashang Country navy generals and officers wearing white navy dresses.

In addition to the generals and officers of the navy, Chief-In-Charge of the shipyard, representatives of workers, local officials and gentlemen of the Northern Sea, representatives of steel plants, Chief-In-Charge of various research institutes, and Many great characters from the capital city are gathered here.

Only by sitting on both sides of the viewing platform, can you really feel the huge oppression brought by the latest generation of battleship in Dashang Country.

The displacement of 19,800 tons, the weight of the armor alone is 5,600 tons, the length is 528 feet, the width is 77 feet, and the huge artillery on the battleship that is like a steel forest all over the hull, let it stop. The battleship in the dock, like a mountain, is full of oppression.

The rising sun shone on the battleship and cast a huge shadow on the northwest side of the dock. The shadow enveloped a place at the edge of the viewing platform, allowing people sitting at the viewing platform and nearby I had to lift the head and raise my neck to see the majestic figure of the battleship clearly.

Just behind the edge of the viewing platform, separated by a line of navy sailors in formal wear and rifles, is the place where the great characters and attendants on the viewing platform stay.

Yan Duo was among a group of attendants and attendants, looking up at the huge battleship.

At this moment, Yan Duo has no flowing white hair, but a short and neat black hair, and a little beard. Compared with before, Yan Duo is totally different. Wearing a black outfit, a hat, and a short sword hung around his waist, he is both handsome and cool and charming.

Yan Duo slightly curled his mouth, squinted his eyes, looked at the huge battleship, and muttered in his heart. It seems that the level of technological development of Dashang Country is not bad, a battleship of this size. It's all out.

Yes, as long as the formidable power of

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