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Glorious Summoner Chapter 217

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In the past these days, the identities of those Blood Demon Religion members who attended the secret gathering last time, Fushen Boys have already figured out all of them, except for one of those people who is the famous Zonghai In addition to the pirate leader, nicknamed the Seven Seas Shark, everyone else has their own identities in the capital.

It's just who the Altar Master is, I don't know yet.

When Xia Pingan said the name of the person and heard that the person was still in charge of the imperial city entry and exit restriction, Blue Fearless couldn't help taking a sip of water.

The verdict of the ruling army is necessary, but since the "mysterious person" can tell the person, it must be no mistake.

Thanks to the Judgment Army and the Dark War God Cult, I still want to track down the people of the Blood Demon Religion all day long. They didn’t expect that the people from the Blood Demon Religion have already gone to the imperial city to take root. He is actually responsible for the security control of imperial city. Entering and exiting imperial city is like playing in front of one's eyes of the Judging Army and Dashang Country. This is simply a great irony.

Before, Lan Fearless felt that the price of the information requested by the mysterious person last time was too high. Upon hearing the identity of Xiaowei Xu, Lan Fearless felt that the last transaction was too worthwhile.

What is a hundred thousand Gold Coin and a divine spring that can make a summoner breakthrough to the Five Suns Realm?

If the Blood Demon Religion personnel in the ruling army are not exposed, the people in the entire imperial city will have trouble sleeping and eating. I don’t know when there will be a mess of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, when The time comes, the entire ruling army will probably be covered in dirt, or even implicated.

While holding back the fear and horror in his heart, Blue Fearless asked, "Apart from this, what else did that person say?"

"The person said he There is more important information about the ruling army!"

"What is the more important information?"

"The man said, Blood Demon hidden in the upper capital Religion members are by no means only these two people. In addition to these two people, Blood Demon Religion has more hidden people in the capital. Just recently, these Blood Demon Religion people are planning a major event. I want to assassinate an important figure in imperial city!"

"Assassinate an important figure in imperial city?"

"Yes, an important figure in imperial city, That’s what the man said. He said that there are at least five important figures of the Blood Demon Religion hidden in the capital, and there is one on the sea!"

Even if you are mentally prepared, Blue Fearless is still I was shocked by the news.

There are many important

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