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Glorious Summoner Chapter 266

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Just when Li morning sun cursed Xia Pingan at home, Beitang Wangchuan in the Imperial Palace in the upper capital was also having a headache for Xia Pingan.

In the study, Beitang Wangchuan rubbed his eyebrows, and looked helplessly, angry and angrily at Lin Yi standing in front of him. Beitang Wangchuan’s complexion was complex, and Lin Yi was expressionless…

Lin Yi received a report from Xia Pingan before, and Lin Yi himself was shocked, but this kind of thing is too tricky. As the commander of the ruling army, he can’t control the matter of the garrison of Legion, so he can only report it to the emperor His Highness. The Crown Prince is handled by His Highness the Crown Prince.

“…Guard Legion ……Guard Legion Xia Pingan didn’t make a mistake?” Beitang Wangchuan still couldn’t believe it.

“Certification, complete physical evidence, the actual controller behind Fulong Trading Company, and the flow of funds finally pointed to Lei Heyang of Garrison Legion. This incident involved many people behind Garrison Legion, the ruling army’s investigation , You can only stop here, and everything is up to your Highness!” Lin Yi didn’t want to pick up the hot potato, so he could only throw it out.

“Xia Pingan ……Xia Pingan ……” Beitang Wangchuan said the name, and only felt that his head was buzzing. This matter was so tricky, even Beitang Wangchuan had to be cautious, Lei He Yang is the Deputy Commander of the Guardian Legion. This case also involves many people from the Guardian Legion. The most important thing is that I don’t know how many people from the Guardian Legion will get involved in this incident. “I remember that Xia Pingan didn’t leave this morning. Is it the Pingshan Camp?”

“Yes, he left the Pingshan camp in the morning. He cracked the smuggling case in the afternoon. The interrogation was conducted in the evening. Since Legion was involved, the inspection office could not arrest people, so he took the blessing. The smuggled stolen goods of the Dragon Trading Company’s dossier have all been handed over to me. Those Wanlong Pearls involved at least tens of millions of Gold Coins, which is a staggering amount…”

Lin Yi also spread his hand. Seeing Beitang Wangchuan’s complicated expression, Lin Yi had to remind him, “Ahem, Xia Pingan arrested people from the Yellow Mansion before, and Legion came out on the street. Intercept, the one who ordered it behind seems to be Lei Heyang…”

“Lei Heyang…” Beitang Wangchuan also reacted at once. No wonder Xia Pingan acted so quickly. This is… This is revenge… But he can’t say that Xia Pingan did something wrong. Because this is indeed a real big case, strictly speaking, the Donggang Inspection Office has done its work again, but it has made Beitang Wangchuan a little tricky.

In addition to the Fulong Trading Company case, Lin Yi also knows ab

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