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Glorious Summoner Chapter 4

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Xia Pingan’s sleepy sleep turned into a long sleep. Although a comfortable bed was not available in the refuge, he still slept in the refuge and stayed in the refuge. Stayed for one night, more than 14 hours.

During this night, everyone in the shelter waited anxiously, and there was only one message on the electronic display in the shelter.

——The situation outside is being controlled, and space invading creatures are gradually being eliminated. Please wait patiently!

At 7 o'clock in the morning on the 2nd day, there was a different message on the electronic display in the shelter.

——The order in Xianghe City is being restored, and the space intrusion warning is lifted!

The green light on the safety door of the refuge was lit and the safety door was reopened. All the people in the refuge dragged their staggering bodies one by one, and walked out again in relief.

——The level of space invasion this time is F+. The invading creatures are magic rats and sand worms. There are 137 invading magic rats and 5 invading sand worms. We kill 133 invading magic rats and sand worms. Five of them, four of them escaped through the river. We have sent a team to pursue and search. Welcome everyone to provide clues.

The space intrusion alarm in Xianghe City has been lifted. The power supply and water supply have been restored. Other public services are gradually being restored. Some areas are still under lockdown. There will be follow-up epidemic prevention and sanitation and disinfection treatments. Please cooperate.

As for the casualties and losses of our personnel in this space invasion, further statistics are still underway, and you can pay attention to the follow-up press release.

——Great Flame Republic National Order Committee.

The moment Xia Pingan’s mobile phone vibrated when she walked out of the shelter, Xia Pingan took out her mobile phone and saw this message uploaded by the anti-space intrusion security app on the mobile phone.

Then, just after reading this message, Xia Pingan just walked out of the safe passage and came to the street outside. She received another message on her phone, which was sent by the boss of the repair shop.

——A magic rat broke into our company’s workshop yesterday. The company received a notice from the superior authority that it will be closed today and tomorrow for disinfection and epidemic prevention. The factory will be off today and tomorrow, and go to work on Sunday. Hello everyone Rest, contact the factory in time if you have any issues.

Just after reading this notification, Xia Pingan's cell phone rang again. It was a call from Xia Ning.

"Brother, are you okay!" Xia Ning's tone was filled with concern and anxiety.

"You Old Brother, I’m okay, don’t worry, how about you?"

Let out a long sigh of relief on the phone, "I’m okay, a

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