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Glorious Summoner Chapter 1

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In the world of omnipresent chaos, Pangu splitting heaven and earth apart, there is the universe, and then Nuwa creating Man, Human Race came out of the world, and became the world, after a few years, In the sky, countless monsters, monsters and monsters surging out of the sky, the world is raging, loss of life, Nuwa went to God World to search for the colorful Divine Stone, and went to God World to find the colorful Divine Stone. Thousands of years, so far!

——"Liezi. Hongmeng Chapter".

In 221 BC, the first emperor built the Great Wall to protect the people and protect the people from the disaster!

——"Historical Records Volume VI: The First Emperor's Benji"

In 1421 AD, the mighty Divine Continent fleet went north along the Kuril Islands, crossed the Bering Strait and arrived at the new continent, the fleet The expedition team found that there was a "Valley of Glory", "The river flows from the valley into the Bottomless Abyss" and "Sunrise here" on the new continent, so the famous Magong who led the Divine Continent fleet here took this continent It was named Guangzhou, which means the state of sunrise.

The Divine State Fleet’s voyage around the world opened the era of the great voyage of mankind. In the following hundreds of years, the nations of mankind, while facing resistance to space invasion, began again. The battle for colonies, Earth entered the era of great powers.

——Gavin Menzies "1421, Divine State Discovered the World"

In 1895, terrifying space invasion came to the British Isles. For the whole of Europe, This is an unprecedented disaster. This space invasion is an S-Rank space invasion. The entire British Isles has become a hunting ground for monsters. Half a year after this space invasion, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has completely become history. , The British Isles became the dead place of the magic island.

After the destruction of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a space invasion, the Western and Eastern powers took the fastest time to carve up the overseas colonies of the British Empire!

——"A Brief History of Modern Europe"

At the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, Europe gave birth to a large number of Peak’s talented physicists. The understanding of the universe has risen to a new level, and atomic energy has entered the field of vision of scientists...

The destruction of Great Britain in the space invasion stimulated the nerves of the whole of Europe. The countries of the European continent are aware that, The entire Europe must unite in order to resist this disaster that has come to the entire human race. It is in this context that the Eden Project began.

Under the unremitting efforts of a group of genius scientists, after more than ten years of research and h

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