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Glorious Summoner Chapter 3

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The refuge is located in the minus three-negative 4-Layer underground of the building. People entering the refuge can quickly enter through the elevator, parking lot, and the public passage to enter the refuge.

The distance of several hundred meters is not too far. Xia Pingan's speed is very fast. In less than two minutes, he rushed to the Tieyun Building on Qingyun Middle Road under the guidance of the navigation. The year-old boy, followed by a middle-aged woman who looked pale, followed the turbulent flow of people into the fast passage to the shelter of the building.

Red light flashes in the channel.

"Everyone enters in an orderly manner, don't be crowded..."

"Everyone enters in an orderly manner, don't be crowded..."

A few in uniform The security guard of the building was shouting with a loudspeaker in the passage.

All around are people who lose one's head out of fear. Xia Pingan saw a few female white-collar workers running, their high heels all ran away, and they were naked when they entered the refuge. Feet.

Several potbellied men ran brow beaded with sweat and unbuttoned their tie and shirt.

When Xia Pingan ran here, he saw a middle-aged woman who got off a private car and was not running fast with a child. He picked up the child and ran with the middle-aged woman. After coming in, the child is not heavy anyway, hugged on the body, not much heavier than a takeaway.

With the blessing of a lot of technology, the anti-space intrusion security APP can complete the warning five minutes in advance when the monitoring satellite senses the abnormal gravity in space. In the urban area, the computer and big data are used to give each The distances of the refuges allocated by individuals are all within five minutes of the distance. As long as you enter the refuge within five minutes, there is a high probability that you will be fine.

But there are accidents in everything, and it is impossible to perfect. If there is no refuge near your area, and the space invasion happens to be near you, or in some very short circumstances, a few space invasion monsters You can break through the strong defense layer of the refuge, or if you do not enter the refuge within five minutes, then you can only ask for more blessings.

As soon as she entered the shelter, Xia Pingan handed the child she was holding to the middle-aged woman who looked pale.

"Thank you, thank you..." The middle-aged woman hugged her child tightly and was grateful to Xia Pingan.

"You are welcome!"

The underground refuge is like a huge isolation warehouse. The underground refuge of the Tieyun Building is divided into four parts. The crowds entering the underground refuge Diverted at the door and entered four separate shelters.

This design is to protect the safety of the people in the refuge to the greatest

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