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Glorious Summoner Chapter 247

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In the great hall, Uncle Zheng sits at the main seat. Although the delicious food served by the waiter overflows and the ministers around him are coveted, Uncle Zheng is still unhappy, browses tightly frowns, and does not seem to have much appetite.

When Xia Pingan opened her eyes, what she saw was such a scene in front of her.

In such a scene, for those who don’t have divine sense crystals and don’t know this period of history, they probably don’t know what to say at all. It’s even more impossible to know why Uncle Zheng is depressed.

The title of Duke Zhengzhuang is actually Bo, and Duke was added after his death by “the collapse of ritual and music.”

Although Zheng Zhuanggong is well-known in history and left many stories, he is considered one of the celebrities in the Spring and Autumn Period, but his family has hard-to-read scriptures. Zheng Zhuanggong grew up in an environment of extreme lack of maternal love, using modern In other words, Zheng Zhuanggong may suffer from maternal love deficiency syndrome.

From the analysis of psychological psychology, he will spend his whole life searching for the things that he lacked in childhood.

After becoming the lord of the Kingdom of Zheng, his biological mother was deceiving himself, and quietly united with his younger brother to plot against him, trying to overthrow himself and take everything from himself, and this family tragedy happened. On Zheng Zhuanggong’s body.

Why does Duke Zheng Zhuang lack maternal love? Why his mother doesn’t like him? This question, retrospectively, may be related to his mother Wu Jiangsheng’s unsuccessful time, and possibly dystocia. Shi Tong Ni, this name shows that he was not going well when he was born. He didn’t come out first and almost killed him. So he was not liked or even hated by his mother after he was born. This also caused the later A series of things.

Xia Pingan looked at Zheng Zhuanggong with some sympathy, and was sighed. It was just because Zheng Zhuanggong’s posture was wrong when he was born, it caused a series of chain reaction events after Zheng Guo. If Wu Jiang gave birth to him, it was a smooth delivery. , Zheng Zhuanggong’s head came out first, and it is estimated that many things after this will not happen.

What caused Zheng Zhuanggong’s dystocia? Heaven knows, maybe it’s just that Wu Jiang’s posture for a nap when he was carrying him was wrong, or Wu Jiang ate some fruit that Zheng Zhuang didn’t like and made Zheng Zhuang go over in his mother’s womb…

If you study history carefully, you can discover the reasons behind many major events in history, very strange or even insignificant. This is the butterfly effect. God used that invisible hand to gently fiddle with Zheng Zhuanggong at some time. The posture inside brought about the wars and power struggles that affected

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