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Glorious Summoner Chapter 249

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The rain keeps falling…

In the crisp sound of horseshoes, three black carriages drove out of the gate of the Donggang Inspection Office of the Judging Army in the rain.

Three carriages shuttled through the streets of Donggang District. Half an hour later, the three carriages stopped on a street more than 4,000 meters away from the Donggang Inspection Office of the ruling army.

This neighborhood is the residential area of ​​Donggang. On both sides of the main street, there are many buildings, and there are many shops related to life.

Seeing these three carriages parked directly in the non-parking area on the side of the road, the two Donggang district policemen who were hiding from the rain in the vicinity guard box looked at each other, put on raincoats, foul-mouthed and moved towards The three carriages came over.

The doors of the two carriages opened, and the summoners of the East Port Inspectorate, wearing all black waterproof trench coats, black felt hats and iron gloves, quickly got out of the car, and their sharp eyes scanned the surroundings vigilantly.

One of the middle-aged policemen who was foul-mouthed walking over saw the people wearing black waterproof trench coats coming down from the carriage, rubbed their eyes again, and finally saw the logo of the adjudication army on the carriage in the rain and fog. The iron gloves on the hands of those black clothed persons, complexion changed, pulled the policeman next to him, and quickly turned around and left.

“Hey, Brother Liu, why don’t you go there, you can get some money!” Another young policeman asked in a daze.

“It used to be a shit, that was the person who ruled the Donggang Inspection Office of the Army. It was raining and I didn’t see the sign on the car. Let’s go and look for it, hurry up, don’t look blindly…” the middle-aged policeman released The low voice is cursed.

“Inspectorate of the Ruling Army…” Another policeman also complexion changed, shrank his head in the cold wind, and did not dare to pass.

Not to mention that the carriage of the Ruling Military Inspectorate is only parked in the restricted area on the roadside. Even if the Ruling Military Inspectorate rushes to the police station with the carriage, the chief of the Donggang Police Department can only smile and greet it.

A summoner from the Supervision Department came to the carriage where the door was not opened, opened the door and stood by the side.

The first person from this carriage, in his thirties, wearing a black waterproof windbreaker, his dry face is as hard as granite, without a trace of expression, his sharp gaze seems to be a blade that can break through the rain. Very bright. This person is Long Chao-Captain of Team 2 of the Supervision Department.

After Long Chao, Hua Ziqin, wearing a waterproof trench coat, al

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