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Glorious Summoner Chapter 14

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red Ferrari 599 resembled a running wild horse, rushing out of the door automatically slid open by the Order Committee.

The powerful back pushing force pressed Xia Pingan's whole person tightly to the back of the co-pilot.

The several hundred meters road from the gate of the Commission of Order to the highway rushed to the end in just a few seconds. The red sports car flicked a beautiful ninety degrees at the end of the road and made a harsh sound on the highway. With the sound of friction, I went directly on the road and started fast as lightning.


Xia Pingan didn't expect An Qing, such a sunny beauty, was so wild when she drove.

The more exciting thing is that the speed of the car is not slow, An Qing stretched out her hand, took out a police light from her seat, opened the window, extend the hand put the police light on the roof, the police When the lights roared, An Qing had closed the windows, and the roaring noise outside the car suddenly became much smaller.

This is a woman who can drive a Ferrari with one hand!

If the car drove so fast, the woman's face was still calm, like sitting in a sightseeing car.

"In fact, more than 90% of the requests for assistance from various government departments and agencies received by the Order Committee have nothing to do with space invasion and supernatural factors, but we have to send someone to confirm it. !"

An Qing was driving and chatting with Xia Pingan, just like the eldest sister next door patiently tutoring Junior Brother homework, "In the past, the director personally went to Xianghe City. He is the only person with remote viewing capabilities on the Committee’s Special Operations Department. Now that you are here, he can throw the pot to you if you need remote viewing capabilities. Among all awakened capabilities, remote viewing capabilities It is the most versatile, so he is eager to recruit you, just want to be lazy!"

"Sister, you should concentrate on driving, I don’t want to see that I have a traffic accident in the newspaper tomorrow. News!" Xia Pingan glanced at the speedometer on the car, it was 180 kilometers.

An Qing smiled lightly, stepped on the accelerator again, and left behind a group of racing athletes who were practicing cycling on the road, leaving those athletes dumbfounded and could only eat exhaust from behind. "You have the courage to do the same. Are you young? Lao Tu said that you are not so courageous, and you dare to drill in the hole of the magic rat! "

"I just want to live a few more years!" Xia Pingan looked at the front of the road, thinking about it. Some scenes have emerged in the middle, "An old man riding an electric bicycle on the road turning right ahead is picking up a box of apples that he dropped by the roadside. You will bump into it within a few seconds of turning.

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