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Glorious Summoner Chapter 17

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The night fell, and darkness once again enveloped the entire Xianghe City!

After the sun disappears, this World belongs to darkness. Darkness brings tranquility and horror. There are countless legends and stories in the dark.

After most people in the whole city fell asleep quietly after a hard day, in several corners of the city that no one noticed, a few special "lights" were quietly lit.


Tu Polu stood on the roof of a building like a steel tower, overlooking the entire Xianghe City, his bald head under the lightning rod on the roof of the building Extraordinarily dazzling.

The big knife like a guillotine was slammed on the top of the building by him. The slaughtered captive was like a tiger waiting to be hunted, his eyes flickered, ready to strike at any time.

Beside Tu Polu, Fang Lingshan's glamour in a black trench coat has a special beauty in the night, which complements the night.

A delicate Bronze Ancient Lamp rested on Fang Lingshan's white and slender fingers.

Bronze Ancient Lamp has a densely packed "divine symbol".

Among the ancient lamps, there is no oil and no wick, but where the wick is, there is a bit of golden flame that burns firmly and warmly.

The upstairs of the building was very windy, the wind was howling, and the windbreaker on Fang Lingshan was grinning, and a short hair was flying freely in the strong wind, but the light in the Bronze Ancient Lamp Not shaking at all, completely ignoring the surrounding wind.

This lamp is the heart lamp of the summoner. The golden light that burns is only burned after being injected into the lamp with the divine force of the summoner. It is not afraid of wind and rain, and can be different in any environment. bright!

This is the origin of the lamp-lighting people who have been circulating for tens of thousands of years-the heart of the lamp-lighter is immortal, and the country is safe!

However, at this time, they are no longer called the lamplighters, but a group of special public officials from the Special Operations Department of the Xianghe City State Order Committee.

"I think it’s still good before. The lamplighter can control everything. With a sword in his hand, the upper and lower Demon will be cut, and the light in his hand, enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven to protect the peace of the world..." Tu Polu smacked his mouth and said in a leisurely fascination, "I think I'm suitable for traveling back to ancient times. At that time, I should be a lighter than now. Anyway, if you don't like it, just cut it!"

Fang Lingshan ignored him and closed her eyes directly, as if sleeping in a fake sleep.


Under the pier of a bridge away from several li, there is also a light on.

The bridge spans a big river, and there are waves on the big river, and the ships shuttle back and forth

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