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Glorious Summoner Chapter 13

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When she left the arsenal, Xia Pingan had two more boxes in her hand. One box contained the Manuin MR98 sniper-enhanced revolver and holster, one hundred rounds big The caliber pistol has steel core bullets, and the other box contains the steel whip called the black cobra.

These two weapons, especially the steel whip, are specially made and are basically not available outside.

It is strange to say nothing about the two weapons Old Zhou chose for Xia Pingan, but after all, he still does not have the courage to challenge Old Zhou’s judgment. In this regard, Old Zhou belongs to the Xianghe City Order Committee. authority.

Xia Pingan’s mobile phone is left. Old Zhou said that from now on, Xia Pingan’s mobile phone cannot be used anymore. It needs to be replaced with a special security mobile phone. The order committee’s mobile phones are all specially customized, and even more Reliability and durability, communication encryption, anti-eavesdropping, and some other functions are standard equipment for all personnel in the special operations department.

It takes an hour to change the phone. Old Zhou asked Xia Pingan to pick it up in an hour.

"There are shooting ranges and cold weapons training grounds on this floor. You can come here to practice guns or the use of steel whips. The main combatants in the Special Operations Department are summoners or awakened. The self-protection weapons that summoner and awakened carry daily are non-automatic weapons or cold weapons. Heavy weapons and automatic weapons can also be obtained when the mission requires them, but they are not too practical when they are practical. Automatic weapons and heavy weapons can be used. The goal to solve is generally the responsibility of the commando of the security response force..."

Mo Yanshao explained to Xia Pingan while taking Xia Pingan moved towards the elevator.

"Old Zhou is also awakened?"


"What is his ability to awaken?"

"His ability to awaken is actually not special. It is the kind of ability that can give you the answer to multiplying two seven-digit numbers in one second. This ability is an innate talent in mathematical calculations, but Old Zhou is born again. A fanatical weapon hobbyist, he combines his awakening ability with his hobby, forming a unique and unmatched ability or intuition. The things he chooses for you must be the most suitable for you. ……"

"Does Old Zhou have no family, he is not young anymore!"

Mo Yanshao was silent for a while, "Old Zhou’s family has all been in the space invasion He was killed, so he insisted on serving in the Order Committee. In his words, he would do this all his life, and he would not go anywhere. Who killed those monsters, who he made equipment for..."

Xia Pingan was also a little sad, and said in a low voice, "Understood..."

"Well, your

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