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Glorious Summoner Chapter 16

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When Mo Yanshao and the others left in the elevator, Li Yunzhou turned his head and took a serious look at Xia Pingan. He straightened his face, coughed twice, and showed his majesty. .

"Boy, what is your look, let me tell you, don’t think that you have remote viewing ability, it’s great. In the order committee, awakened is similar to the aunt who sweeps the floor. Understand that there is still between awakened and summoner. By the vast distance, the chances of you becoming a summoner in the next two years are less than one-fifth. Even if you can become a summoner accidentally by dogshit luck, you have to call me senior, you understand!"

"Understood, senior!" Xia Pingan laughed, "Yes, senior, I just had that question, senior hasn't said yet, what does the devil's eye mean?"

Xia Pingan called himself senior obediently, Li Yunzhou’s chest was straightened up, and his vanity was greatly satisfied. He waved his hand, "This is not a place to talk, go, the small Conference Hall of the information center, let me give you as a senior Say it well, let a rookie like you know how dangerous this World is!"


In a few minutes, in the small Conference Hall of the information center, Li Yunzhou Standing in front of the huge display screen in the Conference Hall, pointing to the strange and terrifying "Demon Eyes" pictures on the screen, and starting to talk to Xia Pingan.

"This is the eye of the demon. The eye of the demon we see today is considered small. Only three people were sacrificed. The picture in the middle of the screen was taken by the Commission for Order in Rwanda, Africa in 1993. It was taken on the outskirts of a city, and the number of people who sacrificed the eye of the demon exceeded 6,800..."

The photo of the eye of the demon that Li Yunzhou was referring to was taken from the air and was The dismembered human corpses piled up into a mountain on an open area of ​​dozens of acres. The corpses formed the eyes, and the piled heads formed the eyeballs. The bloody horror was extreme.

Moreover, the piled up corpses have decayed and maggots are born. Such a scene is hard to describe in words.

Xia Pingan, who saw that kind of photo for the first time, also rolled in his heart. He just squinted at it, browsed slightly wrinkle, and pressed his mouth tightly.

In addition to the photo from Rwanda, there are also various pictures of demon eyes on the screen. The demon eyes in all photos are constructed from dismembered human corpses. Pictures are a challenge to people's ability to bear.

"The eyes of other demons, the number of people who sacrificed was a few, and the number was dozens or hundreds. The heads, hands, feet and torso of all the people who were sacrificed would be dismembered into six. This part, because the eyes of the devil are too evil and terrifying, it will cause a h

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