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Glorious Summoner Chapter 12

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Xia Pingan followed Mo Yanshao around the building. Mo Yanshao walked around and introduced Xia Pingan to the order committee.

There are still a few naive robots walking in the building. Mo Yanshao randomly puts the documents signed by Xia Pingan on a robot's pallet, and sends the robot to the archive room, and the robot turns around I got on the elevator and went to deliver the documents.

"The main responsibility of the Order Committee is to deal with space invasions and alien biological threats, and to deal with all incidents related to summoner, awakened, and all supernatural forces that threaten national security and social stability.

The operational force of the National Order Commission in Xianghe City has two parts, one is the Special Operations Division, and the main members of the Special Operations Division are divided into two parts, one is combatants, and the other is logistics support personnel.

The combatants are mainly summoners, as well as awakened like you. The special operations department is directly under my command. In addition to the special operations department, there is a military base behind this building, and there is a regiment country in the base. The security response force of the Order Committee. The chief officer of the security response force is Colonel Si Shiming.

Depending on the nature and difficulty of the task, the security response force will cooperate with our actions, but sometimes special operations The department will also act alone, and sometimes we will receive assistance requests from Xianghe City Police, Narcotics Department, Department of Homeland Security and other departments. We will also perform some tasks with those departments. You will know in the future..."

The two people walked and talked. With just a few words, Mo Yanshao took Xia Pingan to the door of an office with a sign of the finance room, Mo Yanshao opened the door and walked in.

The atmosphere in that office is relaxed, music is still playing, and the smell of coffee floats in the office. A plump body in her forties in a loose dress is taking care of a bonsai in the office with a watering can , Quite leisurely. After seeing Mo Yanshao coming in, the aunt put down the watering can and called, "Director!"

"Well, this is Lu Qi, the financial director of our special operations department. , You can call her Sister Lu!" Mo Yanshao said to Xia Pingan, "I will receive special event funds or reimbursement for operation expenses in the future, right here!"

After talking with Xia Pingan, Mo Yan Shao said to the aunt again, "Sister Lu, this is a newcomer to the Special Operations Department. You can help him go through the financial procedures for the entry according to the Level 1 salary of the Special Operations Department!"

"Okay! Sister Lu glanced at Xia Pingan, turned around a

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