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Glorious Summoner Chapter 15

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One hour later, the fire in the Tianqin Shopping Center and the apartment upstairs in Xianghe City was completely controlled.

The cordon outside the building is still there, but the fire truck has left.

Those who can be saved have been saved, and those who cannot be saved will never be saved.

The property lost in the fire has not yet been counted, but the people who died in the fire have been counted. There are 11 people in total. These 11 people do not include those in Room 9089 on the 9th floor of the apartment building. Those three corpses.

The corridors of the apartment building were smoky and full of traces of the raging fire. The ground was full of black water and a mess. The fire burned through the ceiling, revealing black holes and ceilings. The upper steel frame twisted and scattered, making the aisles of the narrow apartment building even narrower.

At the entrance of the corridor on the 9th floor of the apartment building, the cordon of the National Order Committee is pulled up. Except for the people of the Order Committee, the police and fire department cannot enter.

Mo Yanshao's leather boots stepped on the stagnant water on the ground, stepped over the scorched things on the ground, and walked in the aisle of the apartment building.

Beside and behind Mo Yanshao, Tu Polu, Fang Lingshan, Cao Xinghua, and a handsome man with long hair and a black suit with a slightly tired face.

The handsome man walked at the end, his expression was lazy, but he twitched his nose, and his eyes were piercing.

"An Qing is right. There is indeed the breath of Fireball Technique from the summon spell. The fire here is not an accident..." said the handsome man with long hair as he walked.

Almost all the personnel stationed at the Special Operations Office of the Xianghe City State Order Committee have arrived.

Mo Yanshao's brows were frowned tightly, and he didn't say a word. He had already seen the situation in Room 9089 before, and his expression was a bit solemn.

"Damn it, did those craps come out again?" Tu Polu, carrying a big knife, licked his lips, his eyes shone like a tiger smelling something.

Fang Lingshan is still cold, and the muscular man Cao Xinghua is still silent, without a word, the two are a perfect match.

A few people walked, and in the blink of an eye, they arrived at the entrance of apartment No. 9089.

The door of the smoked room was open, and the house number was still clearly visible. Xia Pingan and An Qing were both inside. The bloody pattern of three corpses on the ground was not passive.

Standing in front of the pattern made of three corpses, one can even more feel the terrifying aura brought by the blood-colored demon’s eye. Compared with this, the slaughterhouse and the morgue The room is like a children’s playground.

Xia Pinga

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