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Glorious Summoner Chapter 213

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When Xia Pingan raised the placard for the seventh time, the price of the twin summon beads of "Emperor Taizong Dream Xue Rengui" had already exceeded 7800 Gold Coin.

To be honest, the bid price here has completely exceeded Xia Pingan’s expectations. Originally, Xia Pingan thought that a Dream Master’s World Pearl could be obtained with a maximum of four to five thousand Gold Coins. Didn’t expect this A Boundary Pearl could actually rush to such a high level.

Xia Pingan is biting her teeth to increase the price, because the temptation of this world bead is too great. Once it is integrated, in addition to becoming a dream master, she can actually get the summon status of "White Robe God General". This temptation made Xia Pingan irresistible.

The white-robed general mentioned by the auctioneer should be Xue Rengui.

And the allusive legend of "Emperor Taizong Dream of Xue Rengui", Xia Pingan is also very familiar with it, fused with no difficulty.


In this auction house, the rich is the Lord!

The person who shouted 10,000 Gold Coin was sitting in front of the auction house. This bid was directly 2200 Gold Coin more than the price just now. Tens of thousands of Gold Coin is a realm bead, directly Breaking through the psychological bottom line of many people.

Xia Pingan moved towards the person who made the offer, and saw that the person who made the offer was an old man with an indifferent face in black clothed.

The auction hall was quiet. After the old man bid, he stood up, looked around for a week, blew the beard on his mouth, took out a thick stack of gold tickets in his hand, and continued with his face up. "Our Young Master just got the divine sense crystal of the twin dreamer world beads, so today’s auction, this twin dreamer world beads, our Young Master is bound to get, and I have 100,000 Gold Coins in my hand. For the golden ticket, anyone of you would like to fight with me, despite asking the price, everyone can fight..."

Looking at the arrogant old man, Xia Pingan also fell silent and quickly Assessed mentally.

He doesn’t know the identity of the old man, but the Young Master behind the old man can let a servant or his subordinate bring one hundred thousand Gold Coin to auction a world pearl, the Young Master. His family status is absolutely extraordinary.

All the Gold Coins in my hand are only more than 20,000.

I used more than 20,000 Gold Coins to buy a world bead. It was too bad and it was definitely not worthwhile for me. After raising the auction price of that world bead, I had no money. At the same time, when you reach that realm bead, you will also get yourself into an unknown enemy. This trade is really a loss, it is totally harming others without benefiting oneself.

Just after careful evaluation in the heart, Xia Pingan secretly shook th

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