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Glorious Summoner Chapter 208

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Xia Pingan paid the fare and walked towards the alley. The street lights in the alley stretched his back very long. The house he rented is in this Changle Alley. .

Alone walked through the alley, unlocked the door and returned to the quiet small courtyard. The black dragon guarding the house rushed over, constantly licking Xia Pingan's hand.

Xia Pingan touched Heilong’s head and went back to the living room without lighting. She sat in front of the window in the living room by the yard, watching the sparse moonlight and shadows of the trees outside, and buried herself in In the shadow of the room, his eyes narrowed slightly.

The information I got tonight made Xia Pingan understand all of the dangers hidden in the capital, and it must be sorted out.

The information sent back by the Fushen Boy is too crucial. If it were not for the Fushen Boy, Xia Pingan felt that he would not know how he would die in the future. Fortunately, he still wanted to penetrate the Blood Demon Religion before, but didn't expect Blood Demon Religion had already issued a Slaughter Order to him. If he dare to contact those people in Blood Demon Religion, he just throws himself into the net, the moth flies into the flame.

The crossover? These three words made Xia Pingan's heart tense.

Blood Demon Religion already knows his identity and origins, which makes Xia Pingan feel a huge crisis. He is not the first batch of crossovers to come to this World. There are many crossovers before. Came to this World, so this World has the proper noun "Skywalker".

Furthermore, from the conversations of the members of the Blood Demon Religion just now, Xia Pingan also keenly discovered two key pieces of information. The Tower of Darkness is the tool that dominates Demon God’s suppression of the secondary planes, and at the same time , The sub-plane that was suppressed by the Dominant Demon God with the Tower of Darkness is not only the one that he came from, there may be other worlds, because those people used a plural word when talking about the sub-plane— —"Those"......

The sky-travelers are the people who smuggled into this world from the secondary plane.

In addition to themselves, Yan Duo, Wu Zhanfeng and the others may also have an accident in the Space Passage and come to Jinyuezhou.

But how do the people of Blood Demon Religion know that they have come to Jinyuezhou, and they even know what they look like? Even if one of his companions fell into the hands of Blood Demon Religion and was forced to ask, his companions would be impossible to know that he came to Jinyuezhou? Could it be that the senior management of Blood Demon Religion mastered what incredible and powerful secret technique that can lock the whereabouts of the crosser?

All these information gave Xia Pingan a new understanding of Blood Demon Religion,

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