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Glorious Summoner Chapter 211

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The condition just put forward is a condition that Xia Pingan thought about and came up with that the ruling army might accept.

If he at first reported all the divine springs from the one-yang state to the nine-yang state, plus hundreds of thousands of Gold Coins, and the ruling army felt pain, then this deal would not be done. Up.

Too little reporting is not in line with the value of this intelligence.

A member of the Blood Demon Religion hidden in the capital, exchanged a few divine springs and 20,000 Gold Coins. At this price, Xia Pingan thinks the people above would want to try it. Even if it turns out to be cheated, the loss is not big.

Blue fearless is not an idiot either. He can be responsible for contacting Xia Pingan in Shadow Guard, which also proves his ability.

Just now Xia Pingan mentioned Thousand Fantasy Boys, and then talked about the information related to His Highness the Crown Prince and Blood Demon Religion later, the blue fearless's head also flashed in a flash One thought, could it be that Xia Pingan merged Thousand Fantasy Boy's world beads, and then...

But this thought only flashed in his head, and was immediately rejected by Blue Fearless.

Even if Xia Pingan incorporates Thousand Fantasy Boy’s world beads, but the Emperor Crown Prince has an expert around him, Thousand Fantasy Boy is not close to him, and the Emperor His Highness the Crown Prince to Underground City should be the first one. God, at that point in time, Xia Pingan hadn’t obtained the World Orb of the Thousand Fantasy Boys, so this information was impossible by Xia Pingan...

Also, even if you step back ten thousand steps, suppose Xia Pingan Able to summon Thousand Fantasy Boys, but Thousand Fantasy Boys also did not have the ability to actively identify members of the Blood Demon Religion. Xia Pingan impossible immediately found the members of the Blood Demon Religion as soon as they merged with the beads.

If the members of the Blood Demon Religion are so easy to find, there is absolutely no place for the members of the Blood Demon Religion in the entire capital.

To sum up, the intelligence value brought by Xia Pingan is huge and we must pay attention to it.

"The resources required by the condition you just mentioned have exceeded the upper limit of resources that my authority can mobilize. Those kinds of divine springs are also extinct in my pawnshop, and I must go up Please ask!" Lan fearless said immediately.

"Okay!" Xia Pingan nodded.

"If the above agrees, how exactly do I exchange it?"

"You give me things, I give things to that person, and that person tells me the information, and I will pass the information on Come back!"

"Are you a middleman?"

"Yes, that person doesn't seem to want to have direct contact with the ruling army. I guess it's because of my low

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