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Glorious Summoner Chapter 212

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After hearing Blue Fearless’s words, Xia Pingan is slowly nodded, but her face is still a bit cold, "I know the person above wants to know who the mysterious person is, but I hope Next time someone is sent to monitor me, can you let me know? I’m a little bit mentally prepared so that I won’t be kept in the dark like this time. If that person thinks I’m deliberately lure him into a trap, you have I have never thought about my personal safety. I am just a small summoner in the Yiyang realm. The mysterious person's strength is unknown to me. If he retaliates against me, can I survive?"

"cough cough..." Blue Fearless's face was a little embarrassed, "Dark Shadow Guard is like this. It is always undertaking dangerous tasks. To be honest, I don't know that someone is sent to stare at you. These tasks are not my responsibility. It is probably because the above is afraid that you will be distracted to reveal the weak spot when you know it, so I didn’t tell you or tell me that those who stared at you were actually protecting you indirectly!"

"Protect me "Xia Pingan laughed at herself, "Thank you really. I don’t know that my little one-sun summoner can secretly protect a few experts. Now that mysterious person already knows the relationship between me and the ruling army. The above task that allowed me to get close to the Blood Demon Religion can no longer continue. If I get into the Blood Demon Religion, my life will be pinched in the hands of that person. Life and death are controlled by others. If he is not in the mood someday Okay, reveal my identity to Blood Demon Religion, am I going to die!"

"This has been taken into account above. Since your identity is already known by others, it is not suitable for you to enter Blood. Demon Religion, it’s not good for you and the ruling army. It is easy to be used by others. We will arrange for other dark Shadow Guards to continue to complete the missions inside the Blood Demon Religion. Your main mission now is to get close to that. People, keep in touch with him. Once there is any news from that person, we must let us know as soon as possible!" Blue fearless said resolutely.

"Since I don’t need to enter the Blood Demon Religion, then, should my arrest warrant be cancelled? If the arrest warrant is not cancelled, I will not be able to continue to make public appearances in Shanghai. It’s not easy to be able to keep hiding the head and show the tail."

"We have investigated the situation that night. Indeed, as you said, Sun Hao was doing things from start to finish, and he was missing. Before, I had a very unhappy relationship with the Bounty Hunter hired by him. At that time, you were still being hunted and killed. There is no evidence that you did it. The two Bounty Hunters are very suspect. You can wait a few days and decide. The army will find a way to revoke your want

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