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Glorious Summoner Chapter 210

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Xia Pingan ignored the blue fearless. Instead, in front of the blue fearless, she slowly took off her wig and took off the beard that she had stuck to her face. Revealed his true colors.

Xia Pingan does not have the ability to use that mask. Instead, she uses makeup to change her appearance to see blue fearless.

That peculiar mask is one of his cards to survive in the capital city, he doesn't want to be exposed without a word.

Put on a wig, stick a fake beard, darken your skin, and wear a piece of torn clothes. No one really recognizes Xia Pingan at night.

Until now, Blue Fearless and the Judgment Army have not known that he has changed identities. Xia Pingan understands his current status and situation very well. He is just a potential pawn in the Shadow Guard of the Judgment Army. Only, the ruling army and the dark Shadow Guard do not have much resources and energy to pay attention to him.

"These ya neries in the capital are too regardless of the law and of natural morality. I was almost killed by the Young Master of the Sun Family this time. You have to ask me why Sun Family Will you want me?"

Xia Pingan glared at Blue Fearless, her face was dissatisfied, her tone of voice became cold, and she directly cursed, "I am a member of the Judiciary Army and the Shadow Guard. I was caught outside. People were rushed like dogs, precarious, almost besieged and killed by a group of people in the upper capital. In order to complete the task, I did not reveal my identity even at the most dangerous time. Why did you come to ask me? Wouldn’t the ruling army investigate what is going on with my arrest warrant? Or is this big ruling army unable to handle even a Sun Family’s office? Even a shadow guard can’t protect me. It really disappoints me. It's..."

Seeing Xia Pingan's anger, the blue fearless slightly frowned, but patiently sat down in front of Xia Pingan, and slowed down a bit, "The police and the adjudicating army in the upper capital They are two systems and they are not mutually exclusive. The relationship here is very complicated. I also just found out yesterday that you are wanted, and I haven’t reported your situation. I’m just waiting for you to explain. Sun Hao is missing from the Sun Family. It’s possible. You have been killed. The police suspect that you have something to do with this. According to Sun Family people, Sun Family Young Master had a conflict with you before, so the police issued an arrest warrant against you. What is going on?"

"I met that Sun Hao at Tianyuanqiao Night Market for the first time a few days ago. I saw a world pearl that can be summoned as a thousand phantom boy. I bought it first, and then Sun Hao came and knew I had one that could summon. Qianhuan Boy’s Jiezhu, I have to buy it from my hand at the original price. Damn, who he thinks he is, I think he’s upset

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