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Glorious Summoner Chapter 11

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Monday, May 27th, at 8:50 in the morning, Xia Pingan had arrived at the gate of the Xianghe City State Order Committee.

The address of the Xianghe City State Order Committee is to the north of Xianghe City, and the gate faces south. Within a few kilometers of the Order Committee, there is an empty wilderness without any other buildings.

There is only one highway from the city to here, and there is only one platform from the highway to here, and there is only one road from the platform to the entrance of the Order Committee. This road is more than 500 meters, and there are large areas on both sides of the road. The green lawn does not even have a tree, and everything is obvious at a glance.

In this case, the black cube building of the Xianghe City State Order Committee is particularly dazzling, with a compelling imposing manner.

The various spherical, tower-shaped, and pot-shaped satellite antennas, radars and signal towers that stand in great numbers on the cube make the cube look like a black armor holding it The warrior of the lance shield is like a fortified castle.

The outside of the Order Committee is surrounded by a tall granite wall, which looks quite mysterious. It makes people unable to see the inside at all from the outside, and only feels that the inside is very big—because there are Drones and helicopters take off inside.

The door of the Order Committee was closed tightly. There were no guards and sentries at the door. Xia Pingan walked over and saw the electronic display on the door light up, and a lady's face appeared behind the display.

"Sir, what can I do?"

"Uh, my name is Xia Pingan. I have an appointment with Moyan Young Master. Come here to report today!"

"Okay, please place your palm on the palmprint scanner with blue light flashing next to it, and both eyes looked towards the film recognition port next to it!"

Xia Pingan placed the palm of his hand on the scanner, and both eyes looked towards the identification port next to the film.

"Okay, your identity has been confirmed, please wait a moment!"

Xia Pingan waited at the door, but after a short wait, the door slid open automatically , Behind the gate, stood indifferent.

Mo Yanshao still wears a black trench coat and a black battle suit, very cool, beside Mo Yanshao, there is a middle-aged woman in her forties in a white coat and glasses standing next to Mo Yanshao .

Seeing Xia Pingan, there is little nodded and no nonsense, "You are very punctual, this is Doctor Huang, and Doctor Huang will take you to do a comprehensive physical examination to determine your ability , Wait until your test is over, let’s talk again!"

Xia Pingan didn't say much, just followed Mo Yanshao and the woman in a white coat to move towards the black building.

Walking into the building, it is an empty lobby,

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