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Glorious Summoner Chapter 8

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At around nine o'clock in the evening, a black off-road vehicle drove from a distance, and then stopped on the side of the road in front of the community where Xia Pingan lived.

The street lights on the street are like Nether Fire, shining on the slightly outdated streets and the plane trees on the side of the street. The shade of the plane trees is under the street lamp, baring fangs and brandishing claws, just like a monster. It's the same as jumping out of the ground.

At this time in the past, there were a lot of pedestrians and hawkers on the roadside outside the community, but today’s community seems extraordinarily quiet, although everyone in the city received escapes an hour ago The four magic rats have all been killed, but the aftermath of yesterday's space invasion has not completely passed away.

Many city residents worry that there is a fish that escaped the net, or that there are criminals profiting from somebody's misfortune, so the streets of the city will be particularly deserted tonight.

A fish that escaped the net has indeed happened, because the monitoring statistics of space invading organisms are sometimes difficult to be 100% accurate, and in some small-scale space invasions, such as G- Those below the rank may escape the surveillance of the satellite network.

In the space invasion, urban security is indeed a problem.

The breath of grief permeated the dark night of the city, and in this sorrow, there was also a trace of fear.

In the car, Xia Pingan unfastened her seat belt.

Mo Yanshao handed a thick document bag to Xia Pingan, "This is the 40,000 yuan reward promised to you. Lao Tu rarely praises others when he can recognize it. You, it means that the task you assisted was done beautifully..."

Xia Pingan just squeezed the thick file bag, and knew that the money in it would not be less than 40,000 yuan and a penny. "Will I still use my clothes?"

The clothes Xia Pingan was wearing before were completely wet, so she came out of the cave and returned to a special hospital in the city for epidemic prevention and sanitation testing. When he was eating immune medicine, Mo Yanshao prepared him a new set of sportswear and shoes, all of which were brand-name, and the size was exactly the same as the one he was wearing.

After changing to a new set of clothes, Xia Pingan looks a lot more energetic.

Mo Yanshao squinted and looked at Xia Pingan, "Keep this suit, it’s an extra reward. By the way, I will officially inform you in the name of the National Order Committee. In view of the Order Committee You have discovered your awakening ability. Please report to the Xianghe City State Order Committee at 9 o’clock next Monday morning."

Xia Pingan somewhat numb’s nodded, then opened the door and prepared to get out of the car. Before getting off the car, he asked cur

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