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Glorious Summoner Chapter 10

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Two hours later, Mo Yanshao stood at the door of the Qianlong Temple, looking up at the ancient temple full of incense.

Qianlong Temple is antique, with two rows of pine and cypress planted at the door. Standing at the gate of Qianlong Temple, you can see the snow-capped Qianlong mountain range behind. Against the backdrop of Qianlong mountain range, Qianlong The Dragon Temple is even more impressive.

Today is the big weekend. Many more pilgrims come to Qianlong Temple than usual. Many people come to offer incense, and many people come to ask for tattoos.

The best tattoo master in Xianghe City is not in the tattoo shops in the city, but in the Qianlong Temple. According to legend, the tattoos in the temple can relieve disasters and be blessed by the gods and Buddhas.

The tattoo masters in the temple do not charge money for tattoos, but not who can get tattoos. Before the tattoos, the masters in the temple will look at people. If the person is not right, give more to the masters in the temple. Money won’t help you get a tattoo.

For example, those Hooligan who yell at five and six all day long can only get tattoos in the tattoo shop. If they come to Qianlong Temple, no matter what kind of person they dress up, Qianlong The tattoo masters in the temple won't give them tattoos at a glance.

There are also those who have committed crimes, and those who are not right in their minds, it is difficult to pray for tattoos here.

You can get tattoos in Qianlong Temple, which is the best proof of blessing and righteousness.

Tattoos are the tradition of summoner. Each summoner has its own unique tattoo. The summoner tattoo is not for looking good, not for being cool, but for being able to be distinguished after the fusion of the world beads fails and the head bursts. Your corpse, this tradition has been circulated in summoner for thousands of years, and it has been continued in summoner.

Mo Yanshao's tattoo was tattooed by Master Yungu in the Qianlong Temple.

Even when Master Yungu gave a tattoo back, it was not a general generation that allowed Master Yungu to do it.

Mo Yanshao walked into the monastery, and there was a Zhike monk in the temple. Mo Yanshao asked the Zhike monk to explain his intentions. The Zhike monk quickly led Mo Yanshao to the squatter behind the Qianlong Temple. Came to the small courtyard where Master Yungu lived.

Mage Yungu is over a hundred years old, with white eyebrow and white beard, but his complexion is still very ruddy. He is meditating under a ginkgo tree in the yard, motionless, until Mo Yanshao comes in front of him, Yungu The mage opened his eyes, revealing those eyes like a tranquil lake, slightly smiled, "The benefactor is here!"

"Master Yungu, there is something today, I come to ask for advice!" Said.

"When I meditated today, my heart

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