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Glorious Summoner Chapter 7

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From morning to afternoon, there was no news about the pursuit of the squad into the black pine forest. Bored, Xia Pingan waited quietly and closed his eyes in the helicopter.

Wait until the evening, when the intercom in the helicopter rang again.

"Falcon 3, Falcon 4, we have team members injured. We need to transport the wounded immediately and pursue the prey. Please answer if you receive it, please answer if you receive it!"

" Falcon 3 received..."

"Falcon 4 received..."

"We sent out red smoke bombs at the anchor point..."



In the blink of an eye, two helicopters soared into the air and flew towards the black pine forest. The helicopter had just overturned a ridge. , I have seen a red smoke rising on the ground in the distance.

The two helicopters quickly moved towards red where the smoke rose.

Only a few minutes later, the helicopter came to the place where the red smoke rose, blowing the red smoke from the smoke canister on the ground.

On a piece of grass in the black pine forest, there are four full members chasing the squad lying on the ground. The mouse has experienced fierce fighting.

There are also a few team members who have wounds on their bodies, but they can still move.

Bald man and the short-haired beauty were not there, but at the edge of the pine forest not far away, Xia Pingan saw the corpse of a demon rat that had been charred and cut into several sections.

Everyone quickly carried the injured team members to a Falcon helicopter. The seven team members who had no injuries boarded the helicopter where Xia Pingan was located. The two helicopters emptied at the same time, carrying the wounded. The helicopter moved towards Xianghe City and flew away, while the helicopter that Xia Pingan was riding in moved towards the distant within the valley to chase.

Xia Pingan closed her eyes again, and only a few seconds later, a "picture" reappeared in Xia Pingan's consciousness.

——A magic rat flees quickly in the woods, and two drones are chasing in the sky.

A blade missile launched by the drone was blocked by a dense tree trunk. After cutting off a few trees and large branches, it deviated from the direction and hit the magic mouse heavily.

There was also a drone shooting in the sky with a machine gun, hitting the soil on the forest floor and the wood chips on the trunks everywhere, and the demon rat being chased was riddled with scars, but Still has terrifying speed and ability to move, and knows how to use big trees and the environment to avoid pursuit.

More importantly, the wounds on the magic rat's body are still recovering automatically while it is running.

Xia Pingan even saw the bleeding wound on the demon rat quickly stop the bleeding, the wound closed, and several bullets shot into the demon rat’s body

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