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Glorious Summoner Chapter 9

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2nd day, both siblings woke up early in the morning, and it was still dark, and they got up at about five o'clock.

The child of a poor family has no habit of sleeping in!

The two made breakfast together. When they were full, Xia Ning took her drawing board bracket and paint paper into a backpack to carry. Xia Pingan also carried a thick backpack. There are tarps, balloons, pumps and the like that he used to go out of the stall.

Then the two siblings loaded 25,000 yuan in cash, put the remaining 15,000 yuan at home, and then went out.

After leaving the community, the two first went to the automated business hall of a bank near the police station, deposited 25,000 yuan in the teller machine, and then went to a nearby station together and waited for a while. , Just got on a bus and moved towards outside the city.

Today is the weekend. In the open space near the General Temple on the outskirts of Xianghe City, every weekend there is a temple fair organized by citizens spontaneously.

At such gatherings, many businesses will move all kinds of snacks and various entertainment facilities wherever they go, and the citizens there can also sell some of their own things, old records, old Furniture, various second-hand items, and some handmade products, etc.

The temple fair at the General’s Temple is a lively place. It was brought by the Chinese immigrants who came to Yan Country. I heard that it has been a tradition for hundreds of years.

At around eight o'clock, the sun was already out, and the two siblings made two rounds of the bus, and finally came to the open space near the General Temple.

Many people have arrived first. Many people who come here drive private cars and pickup trucks. They can find a place to park their private cars and pickup trucks. Once the rear of the car is opened, you can sell things. .

Xia Pingan and Xia Ning found an open space of five or six square meters and started to set up a stall.

Xia Ning took out her drawing board, bracket, dye and paper, hung up two portraits of people that had been drawn, and waited for someone to come to paint.

Xia Ning paints a painting for 30 yuan, which is not expensive, and she has painted very well. Many people can't help but see such a beautiful and talented little girl selling paintings. Let's draw a pair.

And Xia Pingan took out the tarp and a folding shelf from her backpack, put on her head a wig and a clown mask with a nice smile, and began to take out a bunch of long strips The balloon and pump, and start pumping up the balloon.

The inflated balloons turned into cucumber-like strips on Xia Pingan’s hands, and then Xia Pingan used the inflated balloons to twist them quickly in her hands, twisting the balloons into Baubles such as puppies, flowers, swords, etc. are sold for 2 yuan each.

There are many

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