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Glorious Summoner Chapter 231

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The sky is blue, the wild is boundless, the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low…

This was supposed to be a magnificent scenery, but the loud horns, the murderous aura of the Chinese cavalry, and the thunderous hoofs echoed on this vast grassland.

On the horizon in the distance, there is black smoke rising into the sky one after another, and the burning court of the Xiongnu in the distance, in the sunset, is like the last sad song of the Xiongnu clan.

The Yanzhao cavalry equipped with stirrups pierced through the wolf flag on each side, like a wolf like a tiger, crisscrossing the grassland with arrows like rain and blade light like snow.

Knight-errant men and horses from all over the world follow closely from behind, like a pack of wolves, surrounding the court of the Huns tightly, not allowing any Huns to escape from the encirclement.

Cutting the head of a Huns man can be exchanged for a hundred acres of grassland. This is a huge temptation for knight-errants from all over the world. To make meritorious deeds and seal wives and shades, you can trade the heads of the Huns.

In addition to the knight-errant, a large number of noble landlord armed forces are also galloping on the grassland, lighting the Huns’ tents one by one-from Handan to Jinyang, to the Wild Goose Sect inside and outside, Zhao The state’s aristocratic landlord class almost collectively participated in this feast. King Zhao’s Uncle, uncle, and relatives of the harem concubines all have a share. These years, the private soldiers of these nobles have been on the grassland like scourges, unscrupulous. , More Huns than the Huns, so that the Huns look different.

“All the men are killed, the women can stay…” The roar of the noble landlords and private soldiers heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Farther away, there is a caravan consisting of only four-wheeled carriages. The awning carriage of Business Group is like a long worm on the grassland ground, winding several dozen li.

Those caravans are like vultures on the grassland. They do not participate in the fight, but only participate in the feast of scavenging that follows.

The carriage of that group of caravans came with the army’s food and grass, and they left with the “trade quota” of wool and wool cloth, as long as the merchants’ carriages went wherever they went, and the various situations on the grassland. Can converge continuously.

The warriors of the Huns made their last resistance in the core area of ​​the royal court. This resistance symbolized the last dignity of the Huns.

Tou Mandan could have chosen to break through, but Tou Mandan was so tired and tired that he didn’t want to run anymore, so Shan was the head wolf in the pack instead of the stray dog ​​on the grassland.

Before, Touman Danyu’s royal court was in Fuchen

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