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Glorious Summoner Chapter 228

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The strange feeling on the shoulder made Xia Pingan open his eyes.

Just opened his eyes, he felt a sharp pain from his left shoulder, which made him sweat.

Then, Xia Pingan found herself lying on a simple wooden bed, in a straw shed, where many injured villagers were lying here.

Not far away, the huts on fire in the village were still burning. The smaller fires had just been extinguished, and they were still smoking. In the village, there was a faint cry of mourning and weeping, a cloud of misery.

His chest was bare, and an old man with a thin face in linen was standing in front of the bed, using a tool to pull out the arrow on his left shoulder against his chest…

“Hold him down, don’t let him move, or he bleeds more…” The old man didn’t seem to notice Xia Pingan waking up. He lowered his head and pulled out the arrow on Xia Pingan’s body, while instructing the bedside Said the two people.

Two men in Zhao State cavalry attire stood by the bed, holding Xia Pingan’s hands and waist, respectively, for fear of Xia Pingan’s movement.

Except for the left shoulder position, Xia Pingan found that her trousers had also been cut, and the arrow on her thigh had also been taken off and bandaged.

“You don’t need to press, I can stand it… I won’t move…” Xia Pingan opened his mouth, and he found his voice hoarse and weak.

At this moment, the three people beside the bed found that Xia Pingan had woken up.

The old man glanced at Xia Pingan, slightly smiled, and the wrinkles on his face suddenly squeezed into a ball, “Sure enough, he is a youngster, he has a strong body, and he woke up so soon after he was hit by two arrows. Don’t worry, those two arrows didn’t hit your vital point. You are so strong. As long as you take some medicine, don’t have a fever, and you can overcome this level, it won’t take many days to recover!”

The old man should be a doctor. Xia Pingan took a look at the side and found that there was a box beside her wear. In the box there were also elm, locust, fairy graham, purple beads, stove heart soil and other things.

“Boy, you are good. I heard that you were injured and killed four Huns. Good job, you will be able to survive…” One of the two Zhao State soldiers standing by the bed was long. The bearded man looked at Xia Pingan with admiration and said to Xia Pingan.

The Zhao State soldier was talking, and the old man wearing sackcloth next to him was ready to bandage Xia Pingan with hemostatic medicine.

Looking at the medicine ingredients used by the old man and the linen strips that have not been sterilized, Xia Pingan was frightened, and hurriedly said, “Doctor, the two medicines of Diyu and Sophora japonica are wrong, these two medicines are wrong. Although it can stop bleeding, it is more suitable for hemorrhagic disease caused by blood heat.

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