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Glorious Summoner Chapter 226

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In the underground secret room, the purple cocoon on Xia Pingan shattered again, and Xia Pingan opened his eyes again.

Just now, he merged with another world pearl.

This is already the sixth world pearl he merged tonight.

The name of the newly fused world pearl is “Sun Kang Yingxue”. The story of “Yingxue” and “Nangying” are similar in different ways. The spells obtained by each have similarities, the only difference is, It is the summon Fire Insect after the fusion of the “Sacred Firefly” world bead. The rays of light emitted by the Firefly Fire Insect are used to see the surrounding environment, and the “Yingxue” world bead is merged. , But it can strengthen the vision of others’ eyes in the dark. Two, one is the summon-type spells used by oneself, and the other is the buff-type spells applied to others.

These two spells are both “small spells”, which are not strong, but they can be used sometimes. For summoner, they don’t dislike the number of spells they have mastered.

To Xia Pingan, merging the beads is like eating dumplings.

As long as the Jiezhu is in his hand, he basically knows what to do with a glance at the text on the Jiezhu.

The Time Flow Speed ​​in that world bead is completely different from the real world, so it took him only three hours to integrate these six world beads.

In Xia Pingan’s Secret Mandala, after the fusion of the “Sun Kang Yingxue” world bead, the upper limit of the divine force of Xia Pingan’s Secret Mandala has reached 1,437 points, which is within easy reach of the Two Suns.

After merging the six world beads, there have been some changes in the shrine of Xia Pingan’s secret mandala. In addition to the stone relief of the grandson’s three-lings and five-shen training concubines, he just got another “Sun Kang Yingxue” Stone relief.

On the relief of “Sun Kang Yingxue”, the white snowy ground and the hexagonal snowflakes floating in the air are clearly visible. Those snowflakes are crystal clear and near-transparent. A little divine force can summon a piece. Snowflake empowers people.

In addition to these two reliefs, there are four more scrolls around the temple. The four scrolls are the four divine force beads that Xia Pingan merged tonight. The four divine force beads are all very good. The integration is also very interesting. Xia Pingan was a bystander of Shangyang Reform, and when Shangyang moved to Lixin, when the city gate was rewarded with ten prizes for people to move wood, Xia Pingan became the one who moved wood.

After moving the wood, Xia Pingan became Xie An, who played chess with the guests during the Battle of Feishui. Nothing was needed, but after receiving the news of the victory of the Battle of Feishui, he continued to play with Serene. chess. This world bead seems to be the easiest, but in fact it is the most

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