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Glorious Summoner Chapter 229

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“I am Wild Goose Sect guerrilla general Liu Chi. I heard that you killed several Huns in the village today?” Seeing that Xia Pingan’s attitude was neither humble nor overbearing, the Zhao State general’s expression became more gentle.

“Those Huns killed my folks, I killed them, as it should be!”

“It’s a matter of course, it should be so!” The general clapped in admiration, and said with hatred, “Those Huns are like wolves, fierce and vicious, they invade my border year after year and kill me Zhao State people, rape and pillage , Do everything, how can I wait for men, how can we bear to let the Huns deceive the country and humiliate the people, kill and slaughter the Huns cleanly, guard home, defend the country, and defend the neighbors, this is what we men should do!” [ 19459002]

“The general is right!” Xia Pingan agreed, “Only the dead Huns are good Huns, and the living Huns should be killed!”

“Hahaha, good point, just now I heard from my men that you had encountered strange people in the mountains and learned the skills of exquisite medicine. In the Wild Goose Sect camp, there are often soldiers injured in battle with the Huns and urgently need good medical treatment. I don’t know if you are willing to follow me to the Wild Goose Sect camp. With your ability, why bother to be a knight-errant, you can also make a difference in the army and have something to do…”

“Excuse me, who is the head of the Wild Goose Sect Guanjun at this moment?”

Hearing Xia Pingan asking this question, guerrilla general Liu Chi was a little surprised, but he still said, “I will not hide it from you. There has been news in the Wild Goose Sect camp for the past two days. Now Wild Goose Sect The head of the camp is about to be transferred. The new head of the Wild Goose Sect camp is General Li Mu. General Li Mu once stationed at Wild Goose Sect to resist the Huns, but was later transferred by Your Majesty. This is his second time stationed at Wild Goose Sect, General Li Mu He loves soldiers like his son, and is the most compassionate soldier, and is loved by lieutenants. If you have the ability to go to the Wild Goose Sect camp, you will surely be reused by the coach!”

Li Mu, a famous general of the Warring States Period!

Sure enough!

Li Mu was the first star in China’s history to beat the Huns.

Xia Pingan suddenly felt in his heart.

Yanzhao man, this bead belongs to the summon cavalry again. As soon as he came out, he ran into the Huns who burned, killed, and looted at the border, so the highest task of this bead is to kill the Huns at the border. , Guard home, defend the country.

Whether this world pearl is perfectly integrated, it is estimated that it depends on your own contribution in it.

Xia Pingan just got it in her head.

This is the second time that Li Mu was ordered to g

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