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Glorious Summoner Chapter 230

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At noon a month later, at the gate of the Zhao State Wild Goose Sect camp, all officers above the division commander in the entire camp gathered at the gate to welcome Li Mu’s arrival.

At noon, a cloud of smoke appeared in the valley south of the Wild Goose Sect camp. After a while, a group of hundreds of cavalry with the banner of Li escorted Li Mu to the gate of the camp.

Li Mu rides on a tall red horse with long beards and armor. He uses his left hand to control the rein with one hand. His eyes are as quiet as a deep sea. The whole person has a different temperament, no matter how maniac. The general will calm down when he sees him.

“I have seen the general…” The generals at the entrance of the Wild Goose Sect camp saw Li Mu, and they all bowed to Li Mu.

Li Muli jumped off his horse, his eyes swept across the faces of the generals who greeted him, as if he was confirming, but also looking for.

These faces are no stranger to Li Mu, they are all his old men.

“Are these people left alone?” Li Mu sighed softly.

Just this sentence, among the generals present, many of the military generals had red eyes and weeping, and some lowered their heads in shame.

Who says that men do not shed tears because they are not sad.

When Li Mu was in the Wild Goose Sect camp, the total number of infantry and cavalry in the Wild Goose Sect camp was almost 180,000. Most of the losses.

When Li Mu was there, because Li Mu avoided the battle, even among the generals under his command, many people criticized it and did not agree with Li Mu’s approach. In Wild Goose Sect, some people even gave Li Mu took the nickname “General Counsel”, and when Li Mu left, King Zhao changed to a “Meng General”, and these generals really understood Li Mu’s goodness.

“Mighty General” has been in the Wild Goose Sect camp for several years, never avoiding war, and everyone in the Wild Goose Sect camp has become the chess piece of the “Mighty General” and a promising future for the “Mighty General”. And the cannon fodder appreciated by King Zhao. ,

“General Meng” knows how Li Mu left, so the “General Meng” only pays attention to the opinion of the one in Handan City. Since the one in Handan City wants to fight, then fight. Fight, as for the life and death of the soldiers, hehe, there is no undead in a war…

After several years, the “Meng General” left Wild Goose Sect unharmed and returned to Handan. At the time, most of the soldiers in the Wild Goose Sect camp were bones under the loess.

Goodbye to the former coach now, this man is full of battalions, in a complex mood, sad and ashamed, hard to describe.

Li Mu walked through the camp gate, led a group of generals directly to the main account of the camp, sat in the position of the coach, according to the process, showed everyone the tiger talisma

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