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Glorious Summoner Chapter 227

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On the occasion of life and death battle, where are the rules to speak of.

When Xia Pingan basically only had one hand capable of moving, it was natural to do whatever the damage was.

Xia Pingan’s two fingers fiercely inserted into the eye sockets of the Huns cavalry. It felt like inserted into two rotten apples in warm water. The feeling was indescribable.

Xia Pingan fiercely flicked out, the eyes of the Huns cavalry were immediately stunned by Xia Pingan. One of the two eyeballs was stuck in the eye socket, and the other was directly buckled out and hung on the eye socket. It’s like a jar of sauce popped open.

“Ah…” Xia Pingan understood the scream of the Hun cavalry. The Hun cavalry who was about to hold the dagger trembled, and instinctively covered his ugly face with both hands, loudly. Scream.

The hand that fiercely pinched Xia Pingan’s neck also loosened, and Xia Pingan’s breathing became unblocked again.

In the next second, Xia Pingan gritted her teeth and broke the arrow on her body with her right hand, and then used the broken arrow shaft, fiercely moved towards the artery of the Huns cavalry’s neck, and pierced fiercely.

One click… Two clicks… Three clicks…

Xia Pingan pierced the neck of the Huns cavalry for more than ten times, and pierced several holes. After piercing the artery in the neck of the Huns cavalry, the blood on the neck of the Huns cavalry , Banged out like a fountain.

A Huns cavalry not far away saw that something was wrong here, groaned, opened his bow, and shot an arrow moved towards Xia Pingan.

Almost just hearing the sound of arrows piercing the air in her ears, Xia Pingan pulled the Huns cavalry whose neck was bleeding, and blocked him.

“pu…” The arrow hit the body of the Huns of the Huns.

In the next second, Xia Pingan quickly drew a short straight knife from the waist of the Huns meat shield, and then pushed the Huns meat shield away with a belt. It rolled from the ground and rolled to the back of a pile of wood on the side of the road. After avoiding the bow and arrow shooting angle of the Huns cavalry in the distance, Xia Pingan stood up from the ground.

Hearing the sound of horse hooves in the ears, the Huns cavalry has rushed towards Xia Pingan on a horse moved towards Xia Pingan.

Fuck, Xia Pingan finally knows why this world bead has such a high hanging rate. Just now, if other people who merged with the world bead faced the same situation, many people might have died.

But fortunately, although his body is injured and his left hand is inconvenient to move, his body is still strong. It feels rough skin and thick flesh and can withstand beatings.

Behind this stack is an earth wall, which cannot be retreated.

Xia Pingan’s right hand was holding the dagger tightly, listening to the sound of horses hoo

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