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Glorious Summoner Chapter 220

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This huge change only occurred in an instant, and there was basically no time for Beitang Wangchuan and the people on the viewing platform to react.

Even a summoner like Yan Duo, at the moment when he discovered that something was wrong, a single thought flashed in his head. The surging waves, water dragons, and the storm of blades had already enveloped the whole body. The field, there is no time to react at all.

Emperor Crown Prince Beitang Wangchuan in the storm also flashed a hint of panic on his face, but he was very calm and did not lose one's head out of fear, but his body leaned back slightly , I want to get off the stage.

At this moment, a person wearing a black robe appeared next to Beitang Wangchuan. The black robe followed Beitang Wangchuan just now, unremarkable, but the key At that time, that person appeared instantly like the shadow beside Beitang Wangchuan.

coldly snorted, the black robe stretched out a hand, and Beitang Wangchuan suddenly saw six warriors wearing golden armors. The armored warriors held golden shields one by one and stood. By the side of Beitang Wangchuan, the body and the giant shield, like the door panels of Six Paths, densely protected Beitang Wangchuan.

The storm-like blades were all cut on the bodies of the six golden armor warriors and their shields. For a time, the bodies of the six golden armor warriors and the six golden armor warriors were cut by countless blades. And then, there are hundreds of thousands of fine scars left...

Although it is only a moment in a flash, for the six golden armor warriors, it is like experiencing ten thousand years of baptism. In the same way, the bodies of the six warriors are as old as sand dunes in the storm of blades, weathered, tarnished, and finally shattered, turning into light spots and dissipating, the blade storm is also completely shattered...

black At this time, Robe stretched out an old hand and said two words coldly, "Ice..."

As soon as I said it, an ice cold aura enveloped the audience, and the scorching summer harbour instantly turned into World of Ice and Snow in the early morning.

The baring fangs and brandishing claws froze in the air, and the body turned into ice cubes. It suddenly lost its flexibility and became rigid, just like a monster with rusty joints...

The huge waves that swept over everything and the sea outside the dry dock were instantly frozen, and even the entire body of the battleship that had just launched was frozen, as well as the surrounding water waves. Frozen together, leaning on the water.

The freezing everything is like stopping time completely.


black robed old man spit out the third word, the frozen wave, the water dragon, all instantly shattered, shattered, shattered, with the black robed The old man waved his sleeves, and the wind blew up,

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