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Glorious Summoner Chapter 223

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Imperial Palace in the upper capital, 9th layer forbidden area, Fanghuayuan......

The Emperor Crown Prince Beitang Wangchuan is in a pavilion, and he is talking with the commander of the ruling army Lin Yi, playing chess at Pinming. Outside the pavilion, the blooming gorse in the garden makes the whole Fanghua Garden full of spring.

Today, the Northern Sea Port was turbulent, and the capital was also turbulent, but from beginning to end, Beitang Wangchuan did not leave the Imperial Palace.

The commander of the ruling army also escorted him directly by the Crown Prince.

The information obtained by the ruling army is very important. Those people also confirmed that they were the people of the Blood Demon Religion, and wanted to be detrimental to Beitang Wangchuan.

However, a high-powered person, he always asks Zhou Xiang for his thoughts and plans, and he is in charge of the overall situation.

What if those exposed to the Blood Demon Religion are the bait to be thrown out?

In the ruling army and the Crown Prince mobilized experts to go to the Northern Sea port, once the capital is empty, what if someone enters into it?

So today, the entire imperial city outside the imperial city is loose and tight. Numerous experts are hidden during the period. The ruling army is ready to go, and all the four major camps outside the capital are on standby.

Some hurried footsteps came from outside the palace corridor, and Beitang Wangchuan, who was thinking about his move, couldn't help but slightly stagnate.

Lin Yi smiled slightly, "Things should come to an end!"

Sure enough, in less than ten seconds, a beautiful female officer carried a tray and walked into Fanghua Yuan, bowed his knees slightly in front of Beitang Wangchuan and Lin Yi, then put the tray on his hand in front of them, and then bowed back.

In the tray, there is a secret piece of the ruling army and several scrolls.

Lin Yi picked up the secret piece, unfolded it, and glanced at it, slightly smiled, "Congratulations, the Northern Sea port operation went smoothly, except for the Seven Seas Shark who managed to escape with a ray of Remnant by relying on a soul-stealing orb. Apart from Soul, the Blood Demon Religion and the others who participated in the action were all killed. The Blood Demon Religion Altar Master was crushed by the Divine Realm of the Heavenly Monarch, and the attack fleet led by Wu Qilong of the Navy captured the nest of the Seven Seas Shark. On Magic Shark Island, all the more than 5,000 pirates on Magic Shark Island were killed, and the rats in the capital were all caught..."

Beitang Wangchuan also laughed, "The Seven Sea Shark Monster Fate is big, there are treasures such as the Soul Slayer Orb!"

"We didn't expect before. If we know, we can arrange it properly so that he will not escape. Leg

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