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Glorious Summoner Chapter 221

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Two silhouettes are flying fast on the sea, fast as lightning, and everything in the Northern Sea Port, in just a moment, has completely disappeared on the distant horizon.

The black robed old man next to Wangchuan of the Emperor Crown Prince Beitang, closely chasing the man in front of him with the golden mask on his face.

The dense Fireball keeps flying out from the black robed old man, moving towards the person in front of him.

And the person in front also kept releasing Fireball moved towards behind.

The speed of the two of them has exceeded the speed of sound. When the two of them fly past the sea, a huge sonic boom will sound around them, and the sea is like two invisible plows. Similarly, the sea water rolls over, leaving two white marks on the sea surface...

Occasionally, a Fireball enters the sea, and it will explode instantly. The high temperature will evaporate a large swath of water vapor on the sea surface.

If Xia Pingan is here, you will definitely feel that this is chasing and fighting both sides, just like driving a fighter plane to fight in the air. Both sides are powerful and the ordinary person has been completely unimaginable.

Just as these two people were flying fast on the surface of the sea, the person with the golden mask on his face suddenly saw a scene on the sea level in front of him-a round of red The sun jumped out of the sea, rays of light ten thousand zhang.

The sun is above the heads of the two of them. How can there be a sun rising from the sea?

In the blink of an eye, the second round sun also rises from the sea......

third round......The fourth round......

Before you, behind you, In the sky, underground, East, South, West and North, eight red suns have risen.

A man in a white robe, embroidered with eight three-legged Golden Crows on his back, stood with his hands behind his back, standing under the red sun, coldly watching the rushing face wear The man in the golden mask.

At the moment when he saw the eight-round red sun, the man with the golden mask on his face stopped suddenly.

The sea under your feet has disappeared...

The man wearing the golden mask found himself in a world full of flames. Those eight suns are this World All of this, in the sky of this World, there is a pattern that crosses the sky, and that pattern is three horizontal lines, which are separated from them and become Six Paths horizontal lines.

If Xia Pingan were here, she would definitely recognize the three horizontal lines that crossed the sky, which was a Ligua.

Li, represents fire!

The breath of the white clothed man is like the king of this world, indifferent, ruthless, powerful, overlooking everything.

The man with a golden mask on his face lifts the head, looking at the six horizontal lines in the sky full of the mighty Heav

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