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Glorious Summoner Chapter 224

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More than five hundred people in the cave are completely paralyzed and have been unable to move, just like lambs to be slaughtered. The only thing that can move is their eyes, tongues, and throats, so They panicked, screamed, let out the most tragic wailing, bewildered but incomparably terrified to greet their next destiny.

This is a huge deep well with no bottom, the bottom of the deep well is like a huge arena, and all around the deep well is a high stone wall of hundreds of meters, which looks like a natural In the cave, only Heaven's Line light casts from overhead.

Under the deep well, human bones are piled up like a mountain. On the walls of the deep well all around, there are bloody scratches everywhere. The scratches are the last of desperate hands here. trace.

In addition to the scratches, there are countless scalp-numbing holes on the walls all around the deep well. I don't know what's in those holes.

For the people in this desperate well in the depths, this is a living hell and a slaughterhouse.


"I don't want to die yet, save me..."

"I have money, I have money, just let me Leaving, I can agree to any conditions..."

Almost everyone was screaming, begging for mercy, tears and tears, and howling heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, everyone fell to the ground , There are countless bones under him, some of which are still hung with rotten flesh, smelly, and maggots are crawling.

Under the bones of the ground, there are stones and soil that have been soaked in blood and blackened.

Many people have been completely scared and incontinent.

A daoist sect underground in the deep well opened. In the deep and gloomy light, a group of wooden puppets began to walk stiffly into the deep well and began to work like a machine.

The puppet is as tall as a normal person. The whole body is blood-stained wood, and the head is also wood. On the wooden head, there is a pale face painted with a weird smile.

The strength on the hands of the wooden puppets is huge. They pinch the wrists and ankles of those who cannot move, like pliers, making the sound of ka-cha ka-cha. Human bones were crushed, and those who were already terrified were suddenly broken by the puppets, the pain was unbearable, and the screams became louder.

The wooden puppets, ignoring the screams of the people being dragged, execute orders mechanically. They drag the hands and feet of those who are numb and stiff, like dragging goods and lifeless ones. It is the same as an object, dragging a person into the middle of a deep well, fiddle with a specific pattern, that is the eye of a demon.

Some people are piled up and become the eyeballs in the eyes, and some people form the eye sockets around the eyes.

It didn’t take long. Everyone at the bottom of the deep well was dragged by the wooden puppe

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