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Glorious Summoner Chapter 222

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At the same time, in the capital, Xia Pingan was on top of a restaurant, eating the delicate and fragrant steamed dumplings and various snacks in front of him, while looking at what was in the distance. A mansion covering an area of ​​dozens of acres.

On both sides of the doorway of the mansion, there are two white jade-carved gatekeeper lions.

On the gate of the mansion, there is a plaque with the words "Hongfu" inscribed.

Looking over from the restaurant, I saw the mansion with carved beams and painted buildings. In between, you can see the artificial hills and green bamboos, which is a rich family.

The owner of that mansion is Hong Defa, the president of Shangkyo Trading Company.

Shangkyo Trading Company is a well-known trading company in the capital. I heard that it is backed by an imperial court nobleman. Hong Defa, the president of the trading company, is also a well-known wealthy businessman in the capital.

At noon of integrity, the street outside Hongfu was bustling with pedestrians like weaving. The few families standing at the entrance of Hongfu were looking at the pedestrians with a vivid look. Two ragged beggars just thought To rest for a while under the shadow of the tree next to Hong Mansion, the family member of Hong Mansion immediately walked over aggressively and kicked and scolded the two beggars away.

Xia Pingan did not go to the Northern Sea Port to join in the fun. The fun is too dangerous for him.

He only needs to go to the capital here. The Northern Sea port and the capital are in the same world. The changeable situation there, and the capital will not be peaceful here. Just look at the capital. From the situation on the other side, you can know what happened to the Northern Sea Port.

In the lounge, sitting opposite Xia Pingan is a toothman from the real estate dentistry. A middle-aged man in his forties who looks like a simple and sturdy body and has a blessing with Spiritual God. He has rubbed with Xia Pingan. For several days.

It's not easy to encounter big customers like Xia Pingan.

And rich people are picky.

Looking at Xia Pingan from time to time looking towards the mansion outside the window in the distance, the toothman also smiled, "Mr. Yang, that house is the house of Hong Family, the president of Shangjing Trading Company. If Mr. Yang likes it If this is the case, we can also find such a house, but the location is slightly off. Although it is not as lively as Tianmenfang Street, the environment is also good. It is better than the quiet, like this house of Hong Family, in the capital of Shangjing. It’s famous, at least 500,000 Gold Coins or more..."

"I can’t afford 500,000 Gold Coins. It’s too expensive. Let’s talk about the store. Last time. Can the price drop a little bit? 43600Gold Coin is too expensive!" Xia Pingan laughed and

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